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  • Is k2 incense illegal post the december jwh DEA ban?

    I know that spices with any jwh variant is now under the DEA ban, but I'm not sure if all k2 blends contain jwh or not so I thought id ask. Thanks

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  • Using unlocked rogers motorola flipout on t-mobile usa network?

    I am very interested in the motorola flipout, but I am currently under contract with Tmobile. I went shopping online and found the phone a bit out of my price range. $350-$400 is what it seems to be going for but i found a used rogers flipout for $200. Now if I were to unlock it, would it work with tmobile?


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  • Abusive guardian, please help me with custody?

    Hey there, my name is Sean, and I am currently 15 years old. But in just a couple of days I will be 16. Two years my mom died, and she was my hero, and six months before that my parents seperated and soon divorced. My mom got full custody of me, and when she died two years later, her will was never found. But my Aunt, swore to the heavens that she told her I was to live with her and not my 'evil' father. And I was so depressed I didn't think anything of it. But my I really hate to say it, but I am extremely abused. I see people on Opera and Tyra all the time and they don't know anything. My aunt is extremely overweight and I have inherited a house, where she stays for free, and she is constantly having me clean it. But with a toothbrush, and across a very large all tile floor, scrubbing the entire thing. I am not allowed to do my homework, eat, call my girlfriend, use the computer, anything until her asks are finished. And she will stand over me eating while all of this happens telling me how retarded I am and that "Your f@#king mother deserved better than you little piece of s@#t.'' It has been two years of her divorce, and she controls everything like a Nazi regime. I have waited so long to say anything to anyone because she is family and I hope she'd change. The list of tings she does goes on and on, my email is so if you'd like to talk to me about that, please email me and I'll try to list the major things. But my dad is extremely loving, and always has been. The few times (twice in two years) that I got to spend a weekend at his place are like heaven, no phyco cleaning, no trash talking. I so badly want to live with my dad, but I want him to live in my house with me, I dont want to leave my house with her and her crazy new husband. So please, if you could tell me what steps I need to take to get her out, and my dad in and have him have custody please help me. I have run out of options, I really dont know what to do, the abuse is physical and emotional and she manipulates my situations where I can hardly talk about it. Any help is appreciated, thank you so much for taking the time to read all of this.

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  • Can a 16 year old undergo a vasectomy?

    I'm a sexually active 16 year old, and birth control is getting to be very expensive. My girl friend went from the patch, to the pill. She did not like the patch for it gave her a rash. She did not like the pill for she forgot it more than not. So, that left me with two options. A 3 year copper IUD or a vasectomy. A vesectomy would be much cheaper in the long run, if I want child I'd like to adopt, so no worries there. It has a high chance of reversal incase I feel the need to do so, and another plus is that the IUD's have a tendency of coming off.. so it then becomes pointless.

    So at 16 in southern california, can I undergo a vasectomy?

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  • What graphics card should I get? How do I install it?

    Okay, heres a little background for this question. I'm a pretty big shooter/mmogamer tired of being treatened with the 360's red ring, so I have decided to ditch the xbox and move to pc gaming. I have a Dell Inspiron 530 and I wish to play SHadowrun, Saints Row 2, Requim Bloodymare, and Aion. I am not very computer savy when it comes to hardware so I appreciate any response and every detail! Thanks much!

    (P.S. I don't really know my pc's specs other than that it has Intel Pentium, Vista Premium, 500gb hardrivem 4gb ram, and its dualcore. )

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  • What is the 5 year vaginal ring called? And where can I find it?

    We all know sex is better without the raincoat, so my fiance and I wanted to get her this vaginal ring we saw on Tv but now we cannot remember what it was called. We aren't interested in the nuva ring, and all advice is appreciated. thanks in advance!

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  • What is easiest /best way to record vocals and put them over an instrumental?

    Hi! I'm trying to record some vocals for an instrumental i found here,

    I really dont have any equipment, i have a built in laptop mic, a external computer mic, and i Have a recording mic for my Ipod Touch ( as well as a recording application called voxie).

    I dont have the slightest idea where/how to start.

    Many thanks in advance!!

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  • Any good "2D" "Web Based" "MMORPG's" (Games like Runescpe)?

    Ok, I have been a hardcore gamer for almost 8 years now, and Xbox was my usual preference. I then moved onto Runescape, then WoW (of course...), City of Heroes, and my favorite being Guild Wars. But my gaming laptop was trashed (dropped it...totally broke off the screen) so I got Asus' EEE PC, now this is an 8" screen so I hope that gives you an idea of how small this is. I am pretty sure it cannot handle a decent 3d MMORPG so thats why Im looking for 2d. Please no download games, this laptop has 2 GB's of memory so thats why I am requesting web based. Thanks YAHOOIANS!

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  • Where can I download Eve of The Dead?

    I have seen some pretty sick zombie-apocalyptic game play in You Tube videos titles, Eve of The Dead. Anyone know? Thanks in advance!

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  • Saints Row 2,when I drive to the Ultor Stronghold, the light to show where to start isnt there.?

    I dont know if anyone has had this problem, but Im pretty upset to say the least. This is day three and Ive been waiting three years for it and I already have problems ='[. If there is a certain place I need to go or my game is just screwed up, please let me know. Thanks in advance!

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