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  • Java Help (Polymorphism)?

    I need some help with Java!

    Here are the requirements:

    Problem: Develop the ‘Shape’ application such that:

    • Implement an array of objects of various types (all five classes), in any order.

    • In some type of a looping structure, demonstrate polymorphism by calling all three of the methods, draw, move, and erase. That is, within the curly braces, there will be only three method calls.

    • Verify that the output messages come from all three methods, from all seven classes.

    • The only class that you should have to develop for this class will be the test application. The seven classes from last week should remain unchanged.

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  • Java Help (Develop the ‘Shape’ Application)?

    I need some help with Java!

    Here are the requirements:

    Problem: Develop the ‘Shape’ application such that:

    • ‘Rectangle’, ‘Ellipse’, and ‘Triangle’ classes inherit from the ‘Shape’ class.

    • Develop the ‘Square’ and ‘Circle’ class where ‘Square’ inherits from ‘Rectangle’ and ‘Circle’ inherits from ‘Ellipse’. ‘Triangle’ has no derived class.

    • For each class, implement the overridden methods ‘draw’, ‘move’, and ‘erase’. Each method should only have an output statement such as “Rectangle – draw method” that will be displayed when the method is invoked.

    • Implement the default constructors for each class with a corresponding message to be displayed when invoked. No initializations are required; that is, the output message will be the only executable statement in the constructors.

    • Do not implement any other methods for these classes ( i.e., ‘toString’, ‘equals’, getters and setters ).

    • Implement a ‘ShapeTest’ class which will instantiate an object of each class.

    • Exercise each of the ‘draw’, ‘move’, and ‘erase’ methods of each class.

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  • Why Do MOST People Who Purchase Harleys Get It For The Image?

    If you follow my answers on Y! Answers, you all should know that I'm not a Harley basher. If I want another motorcycle, I will do my research and if I come to find that Harley provides what I want in the best and most efficient, money-wise option, I will go that way.

    However, one thing that really irritates me is that many of the newbies to motorcycles and the baby boomers are all getting Harleys because they believe it promotes a lifestyle or image. Yes, there are Harley groups, but why do they think that because they ride a motorcycle that they now have this particular image?

    Are they a bad@$$ because they ride a Harley? Would they still be a bad@$$ if they were on a Suzuki, Kawasaki or Yamaha?

    Granted yes, they are riding. But that's not what I'm getting at. We're all the same person when we get off the bike. Why do some think that it's the bike that makes them who they are?

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  • What Would Motivate You To Participate In A Motorcycle Group?

    My friend manages a motorcycle group in Plano, and we are having an issue with motorcyclists showing up. We are not trying to make the whole group some internet group that never rides, but rather an online place for nearby riders to see what is going on and be able to meet up with their fellow riders.

    However, what is distressing both of us is that most people who RSVP to our events do NOT show up. For the Easyriders Event two weeks ago, we had 21 people say that they were going to show up, but we only had 5 bikes ride up there.

    This is very similar, or people just don't participate at all on the site. Even though this is just like a datebook for the people, is is that hard to log on and RSVP to the events, or to actually show up? I don't quite get it. :(

    What would motivate you to show up to events, and if you were in a group, what would you want out of it? Can I have different opinions and ideas to try and get this group moving along faster?

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  • How Do I Change My Oil On My Motorcycle?

    2007 Yamaha V-Star Custom 650. It's due for it's 4000 mile maintenance, but when I spoke to the dealer, he said all it was was an oil change. I don't want to spend 100 dollars for that, so I'll do it myself. What do I need to know? What kind of oil do I buy, do I need a drip pan? How long do I drain the oil?What do I do when I'm done? If someone could take me step-by-step through the entire process, please. Thanks so much! :-)

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  • How long should an oil change take? How can I tell the oil's been changed?

    For some odd reason, my dealership has been acting weird. I was told that an oil change took about an hour, also.

    I brought my bike in around 9 in the morning, and was standing around, looking at other bikes. Well, about 20 minutes later, the service guy tells me that it's done. This seemed awfully odd.

    I was just wondering why he told me that it'd be about an hour when it only took 20 minutes. Maybe it's just me, but I'm wondering if they simply charged me for the oil change, but didn't actually perform it... :(

    Also, how can I tell that the oil's been changed? It's a Yamaha V-Star Custom 650, so it doesn't have a dipstick, it's got a window to view the oil level. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks!

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  • What Will Gasline On The Tank Do To The Paint?

    I recently went to get gas with a friend, and the idiot decided to help me fill it up while I went in to get a soda. Well, it ended up overflowing. Not a great amount overflowed, but it did get on the gas tank. When I came home about an hour later, I took a warm, soapy sponge and washed it off lightly, then rinsed it off with another sponge and warm water, then dried it.

    Is this sufficient, or is the paint going to corrode? Mind you, I don't plan on rinsing my motorcycle with gasoline often, if ever again, and won't be leaving my motorcycle with anyone while getting gas, ever again, so this is probably a one time thing. Just wondering though.

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  • How Does The Fuel Reserve Work?

    I have a V-Star Custom, 650.

    Now I've read quite a few things about the fuel reserve, but none have had a definite answer on what I'm wondering. I recently had a flat tire on my motorcycle, and it had to be picked up from the shop. Well, when the guy picked it up to take it to the shop, to get it onto the trailer, he turned the petcock to the "Reserve" position, instead of the "On" position (I've not needed to refuel yet).

    I was just wondering, since I've been riding it in the "On" position, and not the "Reserve" position, will the reserve fill itself back up, or does it only refill when I've refueled?

    Thanks! :)

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  • Why Are Speedometers Set 3 MPH Lower Than Actual Speed?

    I was just wondering why this was. I noticed that someone else mentioned this in a question in this category, and I also noticed that there are even devices to recalibrate digital speedometers just due to this reason. Why do they set them 3 MPH below the actual speed?

    Don't get me wrong, I love this. I never have to worry about speeding, and in fact, know that I'm not, since I always match my speedometer reading to the speed limit (basically what I just said was that I'm always going 3 MPH under the speed limit). I'm just wondering why this is, and how it came to be.

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  • What is the motorcycle driving test in Texas like?

    Please don't advise me to take the MSF or anything like that. I am planning on taking it as soon as possible (in the next 2-3 months or so), but excrutiating circumstances require me to get my class M license before I do so. I already know that if I complete the MSF, then I can waive the driving portion of my test to get my class M.

    What should I expect for this driving test? I have read around and noticed that most people who have taken their test take it right there at the DMV, on a small course they have in the back.

    However, when I was told what I needed to perform the test, I was told that I needed to bring (along with my motorcycle) a car that was insured and registered, "so the instructor could follow me". Now why would they need to follow me if I were merely driving around in the back of their parking lot?

    Does anyone know what I should be expecting for this test? Will it be a combination of driving on the street AND driving their little test course?


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  • How Do I Properly Light Charcoal and Keep It Burning?

    Okay, so I've looked up all the online help areas and whatnot. I've seen that some recommendations are to use a "charcoal chimney" and whatnot. To stack your charcoal in a pyramid...etc.

    However, I keep failing...

    The first time I lit up my charcoal, the fire went out. I had put the charcoal in the grill and poured enough lighter fluid on it to coat it. Then I lit it up. However, the fire went out and eventually the charcoal stopped burning (the grill got cold in about 45 minutes, there went my food...).

    The second time, I put about 15 briquettes down, poured lighter fluid on it, then repeated two more times. I then lit the charcoal. It stayed lit this time, BUT it got really really smoky! Horribly smoky...I basically made a smoke signal... :'(

    My question here is how do I properly burn charcoal? I want to keep it burning to the point that it cooks, but not to where I create a smoke signal for planes...

    Like I said, I've looked up all the online stuff, but nothing helps..

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