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  • Citizenship question?

    If one has a jewish grandmother (from mother's side), but is a muslim/christian jewish because judaism is not allowed as religion in the country, will he/she be eligible to get Israeli citizenship?

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  • buffer solution pH question?

    0.10 mol of solid sodium hydrogen carbonate and 0.20 mol of solid sodium carbonate are

    dissolved in the same beaker of water, transferred to a volumetric flask and made to

    250.0 mL. The Ka for HCO3– is 4.7 x 10^–11.

    What is the pH of the resulting buffer?

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  • lewis acid base cation?

    my question is, is a Lewis acid a cation or an anion? pls explain why

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  • elements which there are no stable nuclides?

    Can i know some elements that does not have stable naturally occurring nuclides? And i heard that there are patterns to numbers of neutrons on those elements, any1 can help me explain it?

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  • is it possible to explain acid-base reaction...?

    Is it possible to explain all acid-base reaction with Lewis theory? Pls explain ur reasoning..

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  • bronsted-lowry reaction?

    I have a reaction

    HCN(aq) + H2O(l) -> CN-(aq) + H3O+(aq)

    my question is, is the reaction can be categorized as Bronsted-Lowry acid/base reaction or Lewis base/acid reaction? Pls explain why.

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  • Usage of Integral and Differentials?

    I have a question here, we know that

    Velocity = dS/dT, where S = distance and T = time

    Acceleration = dV/dT, where V= Velocity and T=time

    But since velocity = S/T and acceleration =V/T, why can't we substitute acceleration = (S/T)/T = S/T^2?

    Can anyone explain how differential works in the physics formulas, like one topic on Hydrostatics, it is said that dF = rho*g*y dy. While i know that F = pressure * area, why can't we use the F = P*A formula?

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  • chemical kinetics-Rate constant and activation energy?

    The rate constants for the decomposition of N2O5 were measured to be 4.3 x 10^-5 at a temperature of 27°C and 6.97 x 10^2 at a temperature of 227°C. The activation energy in kJ/mol for this reaction is :

    a. 4.23kJ/mol

    b. 104 kJ/mol

    c.25.9 kJ/mol

    d.180 kJ/mol

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  • benzoic acid formation by dichromate oxidation?

    Which material below will produce benzoic acid through dichromate oxidation?

    a. Benzene

    b. t-butylbenzene

    c. propylbenzene

    d. 1,2-dimethylbenzene

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  • Intermediate formed (chemistry)?

    The intermediate formed from attack of an electrophile on benzene in electrophilic aromatic substitution is called..?

    1) a resonance stabilised carbocation

    2) a nucleophile

    3) negatively charged

    4) uncharged

    5) a carbocation which isnt stabilised by resonance

    Which one is correct?

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