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  • Payable on Death bank accounts?

    If a person dies and has two adult children, one of them is named executor of the will. However, both of the children have separate POD accounts with their parent. These accounts don't fall under jurisdiction of the will or under the power of the executor correct? Since they are POD they immediately transfer to the other party, right?

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  • Return on Home Improvement Costs?

    I bought a fixer-upper earlier this year. My wife and I have spend $15K doing a complete home remodel: kitchen, bathroom, new paint, and hardwood downstairs. We did all the work ourselves, so that $15K is material costs only. What can I expect as a return on my investment since we didn't use a contractor? Thanks.

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  • iPod Touch syncing slow?

    I've got a 2nd Gen iPod Touch 8Gb with the latest updates from Apple and my computer is running the latest version of iTunes. Trouble is, when i plug in my ipod, it takes forever to sync. I plugged it in when I went to bed last night and it still said syncing this morning when I woke up. I've reinstalled iTunes and restored my iPod. Any idea what could be causing this? It's not a virus or anything, my computer is spotlessly clean.

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  • GMC Sierra Leaning to one side?

    My 2007 GMC Sierra is leaning to the front drivers side. The spring and shock have been replaced, but it's still leaning. Any body else have this problem or know how to fix it?

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  • GMC Sierra Leaning to one side.?

    I have a 2007 GMC Sierra and the front drivers side is lower that the passenger side. I have checked it on level ground and I've even changed the springs and it didn't change anything. Any ideas what this could be? Thanks.

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  • Does Reserve Auxiliary Power on a Firebird still work with an aftermarket stereo?

    The Reserve Auxiliary Power (RAP) keeps the radio on after you turn off the car but havn't opened up the door. If I take out the stock radio and put in an aftermarket one, is this still going to happen? Basically what I'm asking is, Is the RAP contained within the stereo or in the car's electrical system itself? I'm sure that someone out there has experience with this. Thanks.

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  • What size rim do I need for a 275/40ZR17 tire?

    I've got a Firebird with 17x9" rims on it. It currently has 245/45's on it, and I want to go with a wider tire. Would a 275/40 be OK on a 9" wide rim?

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  • How did this person get on my secured wi-fi?

    I have a wireless router set up in my house so that when friends come over and bring their laptops, they can get on the internet. I've got the wi-fi security on and passworded. I checked the router the other night and another computer was connected to my router. None of my friends were over there. I feel like it was someone next door, but how easy is it to bypass the security on a wireless router? Is there anything that I can do to prevent that particular person from getting on my wi-fi again? I'm pretty miffed.

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  • What will provide better internet speeds?

    My computer is currently sitting 25' away from the cable outlet in my home. I have the option of running a long coaxial cable and a short cat5 cable or a short coaxial cable and a long cat5 cable to go from cable outlet to modem to computer. The question is which provides less resistance per foot? I want to get the highest possible speed on my connection. I can't move my computer closer to the cable outlet.

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  • Where to find a double power steering pump pulley for an 87 Monte Carlo SS?

    I've got a 1987 Monte Carlo SS. I replaced the power steering pump due to a leak. The original pump had a double pulley and double belt set up. The replacement only came with a single pulley. I installed it with the single pulley and belt and the power steering doesn't work so well anymore. I know that I need to get a double pulley, but I can't find one. Anyone got any suggestions?

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