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  • Do the RNC and DNC get tax money?

    hey, just wondering if the RNC and DNC operate on tax money? How much? Please provide links if possible, thanks!

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  • antivirus live ruined my internet explorer!?

    hey, I got the virus(or malware or whatever its classified as) Antivirus Live. I got it removed, but now my internet explorer won't get online! I can get online with Firefox, but not IE. I even downloaded IE8 hoping that would re-set my settings. I tried to uninstall IE, but it wasn't on my "add/remove programs" list. Any ideas??

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  • how do i change to an onside recover on Madden 10?

    Seems there is always some tool who changes from onside to regular, and I can button mash to change to regular return. But then he changes back to onside and I don't know how to audible back to an onside recover. What buttons? PS3 btw. I did a search and nobody seems to want to answer this question...

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  • Harvin or Julius Jones?

    Ok, for week 1, do I play Percy Harvin against the Browns, or Julius Jones against the Rams? Harvin might get more his way with Wade being traded, but Jones is playing the Rams with Edge not quite up to speed with the Seahawks offense...

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  • Is Toyota more Japanese or American?

    Where does most of the money go? How much money goes to American manufacturing plants, American steel, American taxes, vs Japanese owners? I need sources too if possible.

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  • brightening up a table?

    I have a big old table. The top seems to be finished with some thick, shiny finish, like enviro-tex. Its pretty dull and scratched up. I'm thinking there has got to be some product I can buff into it with a rag to make it look nicer. Any recommendations?

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  • so everyone hates Iams?

    it seems everyone on this board hates Iams dogg food. What do you suggest instead? I want something that Petsmart carries, and costs comparable to Iams. I looked at ingredient lists and nothing else seems much better.

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  • Can I use an electric paintball gun in the rain?

    We have a game scheduled for saturday, but a few of us have electric guns. did they take rain games into account when the built these guns? Or will I ruin my gun?

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  • Have more people been killed by Christianity or Islam?

    I mean like, anyone who has been killed by someone who is religiously motivated. I searched google for a while but I couldn't find any good numbers. I need numbers, and I need sources, if possible. Thanks.

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  • cost to fix transmission?

    I have a 2000 Honda Civic 5 spd, the transmission is constantly making a lot of noise, like a humming noise while i drive. what kind of price range would I be looking at to get it fixed? I know you don't know many details, so a wide range would suffice just fine. Thanks!

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  • change online sign-in on ps3?

    hey, i am buying a used ps3 today, how can i change the log-on name for online?

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  • can i re-format a used ps3?

    if i buy a used ps3, is there a way to return it to like-new, and get all the previous saved info off of it?

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  • what is a good first bike?

    Does anyone know about the search feature? I did a search for "first bike" in the motorcycle section within the past 7 days, and there were 350 results! this week! seriously people, on here you'll get told to get a Rebel or a 250 Ninja. Please, do a search!

    sorry for the rant, getting really sick of that question!

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  • how to take grips off?

    If someone put some metal grips (or maybe plastic with a metal finish?) on with epoxy, is there any way to get them off?

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  • What would be a good cam?

    I am planning on changing the cam in my '99 Harley Softail Night Train with the 80" evo. i want a good low-mid range cam made in the USA. i already have a single fire ignition, SE A/C, and V&H Big Shots pipes.

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  • If everyone was vegan, would cows be extinct?

    Since vegans don't want animals being used for our benefit, then ideally we would all be vegan, right? but if we don't use cows for meat or dairy, would they exist? there would be no reason to raise them, and i've never seen a cow in the wild...

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  • can vegans eat organic foods?

    aren't organic vegetables fertilized with manure since they can't use chemicals? wouldn't that be an animal biproduct?

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  • can-am spyder?

    what motorcycle would be a good comparison, performance-wise, to a can-am spyder? are they about equal to a sport bike? 600 or 1000cc?

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  • why do sport bike guys think HD guys are jealous of their ****?

    the other side of Mags' question here, why do you think we're jealous of your bike? yeah, it has better performance, and a ton of fun, and i respect sport bikes. but if the HD guys can afford an 'overpriced' HD, we could have bought any crotch rocket out there. if we wanted to we would have.

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  • Why do people think Clinton won the popular vote??

    Clinton supporters keep saying this, but its simply not true. she wants to count MI and FL, which she agreed wouldn't count, until she needed the votes. and she doesn't want to count caucus states. I mean, Clinton supporters have to know deep down that she isn't winning the popular vote, right?

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