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  • PC, No programs will open, cannot restore, any ideas?

    Hello all, my computer illiterate buddy at work has fubared his PC so I told him I would have a look at it. When ever I start it up, click on admin user, it will load to windows, if I want to open a program, I must execute it as soon as windows loads. If I wait, I get an error and can not open virus scan, adaware, system restore, or etc. Safe mode does the same. Safe mode with command prompt will not open. The only thing I know he got was Antivirus 2009, which I have determined is now gone from the registry (I can open it at first and search). I can remove his HDD and put it in my old pc and run virus scan, but I wanted to see if anyone had an idea before doing this. BTW, I don't have his recovery disk to try to repair it. I have searched the web without any luck. Thanks!

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  • When did a Red Ryder BB gun cost a $0.05?

    I'm trying to figure out when it cost 5 cents so that I can get an estimated year on an old Captain Marvel Comic book that I have. The book is old with a page or two missing, so I do not see the date.

    I couldn't find anything by Google.

    Oh, BTW, I'm not comic book guru, just thinking about selling it on Ebay and would like to list it correctly. Thanks!

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  • Camry driver-side window switch or motor? Works majority of times.?

    Hello all, first, thanks for reading and giving a possible answer. My wifes '97 Camry driverside window sometimes slowly comes to a stop on the way up. I can't tell if it's a switch or a motor. Seems if I press the automatic down button for the driverside window and then I need to put it back up, it will go up part way and then come slowly to a stop. I can wait a few minutes and then press the up switch and it goes up. Now if I press the down switch manually and stop it before it makes it to the bottom position, normally it works fine. Any ideas? I think I gave all of the examples that has happened. Also, I hate removing door panels, any tips towards that?



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  • Is my starter going bad in my '97 Camry? If not, then what?

    Hello everyone, I have a '97 Camry V4 2.2 (love the gas mileage, :) ). Last week when starting it, I would turn the key, get one click, and then nothing (no turning of the motor). Now this doesn't happen every time I go to start it, it may be in the morning or could be in the afternoon, both, or neither. I may have to try two or three times to start it, turn key, click, nothing, turn key, click, nothing, turn key, no click, engine turns over and starts. The battery was bought 4 or 5 months ago. I removed the starter and took it to Autozone to be tested, Starter passed test, three times (test included checking solenoid). Now I do not know how well this little test works and wether it could find a small problem with the starter. I also checked and sanded the battery terminals and cable connections to make sure I had a good connection. So what am I missing? I'm still thinking it's the starter, do any of you have and idea? Thanks!!!

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