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  • Electric Ice Auger any good? 12vdc Do they work for drilling through up to 24" of ice? 6 holes?

    12vdc to run off battery, but instead I could run it on the new generator I just ordered because it has a 12v hook-up as well as 120vac. But just not sure I would (could) trust an electric one. I know that I can trust an engine powered auger as I typically use amzoil in most of stuff and non-oxynated gas in my tools and toys. But I want your opinion if I should even consider an electric auger.

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  • No Spark. Is it the ignition-module (Mallory dist.), the ballast box/rev limiter (Summit) or the coil (Eccel)?

    Know this: the car in question is a '66 Chevy El Camino with a 468CID Chevy running 621 HP 560 ft/lbs and everything (except trans) from the radiator to the Moser 9" is new. Had issue in June with no spark. Turned out my (one year old) coil was bad. About 3am Sunday morning the car suddenly stalled on a highway ramp. I chose to flag people coming around the curve with a flashlight, rather than dig into it as I'm basically on the highway. It was a good call as several drunks still almost hit me. Got a flat-bed.

    Found out the battery came loose, jerked on wire coming from the positive battery terminal (1 of 2, other to starter). Fixed the broken wire and now no spark. The coil is only 4 months old and I seldom drive this car.....maybe 1200 miles this summer. I will figure it out when I dig into it again, and I actually have a replacement ignition-module, but I want to hear your opinions first because I don't get a lot of time to work on it right now. I'm pretty sure it's not any more of the wiring as that has already been looked over and tested w/a volt/ohm meter.

    Serious responses only please, from motor head types. No advise telling me to bring to a repair shop either.

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  • My Vikes are gonna win it all this year aren't they?

    They even have like 10 players close or leading in pro bowl voting.

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  • Are you inspired as much as I am by Johanna Orozco?

    She is an absolutely amazing young woman! If you don't know know who she is, Google her and read her was on 20/20 last night. Forget about Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria, Giselle Whats-her-name, etc. Johanna is truly more beautiful than them all. And if you can't figure out why there is something wrong with you!

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  • What is the best way to die?

    If you could choose the way in which you die, what way would you choose? The quickest? The most pain-free? The most publisized? Or in some heroic way while saving others?

    Explain your reasoning for choosing your method of death?

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  • How can I reset my iPod 80GB manualy, w/o using pc?

    or do i HAVE TO use a pc? It was set up using Mac. I hooked it up to my PC and message said "formatted by Macintosh. reset before using Windows" or something like that.

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  • where's the weirdest place you've had sex?

    for me was either: in the bed of my custom convertible pickup while parked on the top of a parking ramp on a Friday night. Or on a picnic table in a park near a golf coarse.

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  • Now that the Patriots will start to lose more games, how long until Randy Moss starts whining?

    Just wondering how many losses 'til he 'plays when he wants to play' and his attittude and hustle dwindles? I'm a Viking fan in MN and I've seen it before.

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  • How bad are my Vikes gonna spank on the Pack tomorrow? ?

    I mean really???? They were struttin around like proud little peacocks last year, late in the game @ Lambeau. After the (scared) DB dove into AD's knee, it turned into a blowout. I think the Packers and the rest of the North are outmatched this year. What do ya think?

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  • i hurt my buddies back hittin switches in my El Camino. Should I feel bad?

    he's always complaining about his back being messed up . He hurt it when we were racing moto-x and his throttle stuck wide open in a rythem section. He did crash HARD!

    I bought a'66 El Camino from him and it was the first time he has ridden in it since I replaced the engine, driveshaft, rear-end, air-ride suspension, radiator/fan, all new Wilwood brakes, master/booster, ignition, 3" x-pipe exhaust, shifter, etc,etc,etc.

    We were downtown Minneapolis Saturday night in the entertainment district and there were THOUSANDS of people out partying, waiting in lines to clubs, etc....people everywhere....and they were all hootin n hollering about my car. So I hit some switches and made the car flop around a bit. Then my buddy is like "ahhhhhh dude....I just weeked my back!"

    He complained about his back a little bit, but when we got back to my house he said "thanks for the ride dude...that's a HOT f***ing car now! Wish I had it like this!" He said his back was sore, but he's ok. He'd just have to take it easy for a bit.

    I laughed and thought it was funnier than $hit. Isn't that kinda funny, or am I just an a$$?

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  • How do YOU cook Alaskan King Crab?

    I just love the King Crab legs. Cooked a few different ways (good every time) but I'd like to hear some unique ways to cook it. Any recipe's would be cool. thanks already! Let's see who's sounds the best, so I can try it.

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  • What do YOU consider to be the best way to cook walleye?

    beer batter, breadings or any other frying and/or pouch recipe's would be cool. thanks already! Let's see who's sounds the best, so I can try it.

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  • ride sportbike or drive MUSCLE car tonight???

    should I ride my CBR954RR tonight (stunts,speed) or take out my '66 El Camino w/468 BBC (621 hp) and air-ride suspension and hit some switches for the JLS ***'s and the ladies?

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  • 2nd or 3rd to bust wheelie @ 75 mph

    I always go 2nd, but always sitting. For some reason I find it harder to stand up first. I always feel like I'm gonna get thrown off balance backwards when I try that way. Then if it don't pop up, all my weight goes on front wheel and wants to do tank-slappers. Sitting, I can get the bike straight up and hang it. How do YOU do stand up wheelies? And in 2nd or 3rd?

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  • why am i still sitting here?

    and not on my 954RR heading to 1st Thursday's bike-night in south Minneapolis. Sun is out and perfect riding weather. I'm actually gonna shut this thing off and go in a couple minutes, so should I join up and go on a small group ride after? The only reason not to is getting busted by cops (again) on late-night 'death ride'. Do you think I should chance it or be a puss. I can usaully get away with anything (wheelies, speed, stunts, etc) but when in these groups (up to 60 ) there is HUGE chance of getting busted.

    For all of you safety-freaks, save me the lecture and don't respond. Cuz I'm that guy doing the 90 MPH wheelie past you on the hwy. So save the squid talk cuz I got 44,000 mi. on current bike and every one of those (save the 1st 500 or so for break in) was ridden in that manner, so I know what I'm doin.

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  • What did you do, to get revenge on a bad neighbor?

    what did you do, and what was it revenge for?

    Also any repercussions?

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  • What's up now?

    please! explain to me why the Vikings won't win the Super Bowl, without mentioning T-Jack or Chilly. Betcha can't!

    (wait.....don't even say they can't overcome those two either, even though T-Jack is QB)

    remember Dilfer?

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  • diesel fuel in my motorcycle?

    gas station had delivery. The guy dumped the wrong tank (diesel into clear-gas) and I filled up with this contaminated gas before the mistake was realized. I went-OFF on the owner and then he 'fessed up and took responsibility. I brought my bike ('02 CBR 954RR) to the dealer and they went through it. They say all is ok now. What kind of problems can occur from this. It detonated really bad when I tried to ride away. I syphoned it out. But could I have scored the main-bearings, etc.

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  • how bad is McHale going to botch the draft-pick tonight?

    even though there are some fairly good players that make this draft deep enough to still get a good one with the 7th, this is Kevin McHale we're talking about. He always manages to screw it up.

    Last year, he traded away the future Rookie of Year (Brandon R.O.Y.) for Randy Foye. Randy is a good young player, but is he really better than Roy, who they actually selected (but then traded).

    What are some of the ways McHale will blow it?

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