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  • What is the difference between a cast structure and a wrought structure?


    Just wondering what is the difference is between a cast structure and a wrought structure?

    Thanks in advance

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  • What Episode of Bleach Am I Upto?


    So I haven't watched bleach for a while, and am looking to get started again - however I cannot remember which episode I was upto. :S

    I can remember it was after the Ichigo and Ulquiorra fight in the "Hollow Word". I also seem to remember all the captains from Soul Society fighting Aizen's comrades in the air.. I think they also moved Soul Society or something..

    Apologies for the vague information, and any help would be greatly appreciated. :D


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  • Does anyone know what movie this Shahrukh Khan song is from?


    I have been aching to find this song, I can only remember a small part of it from my childhood :S

    It has Shahrukh Khan driving like a red sports car in the desert somewhere.. I think its a relatively old movie. I know its not much to go on, but if you know the song/film please do tell :)

    Cheers in advance

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  • Can my Facebook friends see the posts I like from Facebook Pages/Groups (eg: iTunes, Memes, etc)?


    Just curious, if I like a page called; "NBC" for example, and none of my Facebook contacts currently like that page, if I like or comment on wall posts and images on the NBC Page, will this appear in the news feed which my contacts would see?

    And also would it appear for people who also like the "NBC" page?

    If so, are there any settings I can change so that this does not occur (ie: they do not see what posts/images I have liked or commented on in their newsfeed)? (PS, I am also using Facebook Timeline).

    Thanks in advance

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  • What are some links between foreign investment and trade barriers?


    What are some key links between foreign investment and trade barriers?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Using the null factor law?


    I just have a quick querie;

    If i have the following equation,

    (x+4)(x-2)(x+5) = 10

    Can I have;

    x+4 = 10

    x = 6







    And therefore solutions are: x=6 or 12 or 5.

    Would that be mathematically correct?

    Or would I have to expand everything and then subtract the 10, and then re-factorise (i do not know if it will actually re-factor, I am just using as an example).

    THanks in advance

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  • is a safe website to purchase from?


    Just wondering if is safe or not.. I was looking to purchase something, however the payment page was not a secure site... Have you guys ever bought from there before?

    Thanks in advance

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  • is a safe website to purchase from?


    Just wondering if is safe or not.. I was looking to purchase something, however the payment page was not a secure site. Have you guys ever bought from there before?

    Thanks in advance

  • Calculating probabilty in a Normal Distribution, when an event is given?

    Hi, if given that X~N ( 50 , 225),

    Find: P( X > 70 | X < 80)

    Would the correct procedure be:

    = P( 70 < X < 80) / P(X<80)

    or, would it be:

    = P(X >70) / P(X < 80)

    Which is correct, and also if possible why?

    And also would there be any difference if instead of less than/ greater than they all become less than or equal to/ greater than or equal to (respectively) ?

    Note: I don't really need the final answer, just the procedure please :)

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Will the Forward reaction be exothermic or endothermic?


    If i have the following system in equilibrium;

    Reactants <--> Products , Change in Enthalpy = +ve

    Does this mean that the forward reaction is endothermic? ie;

    Reactants + Energy <--> Products,

    and thus the reverse reaction exothermic?

    Thanks in advance

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  • What would be the equation for area for this problem?

    Someone wishes too fence a "Rectangular Area" 400 m squared. If he fences 3 sides with fencing that costs $8 per metre and 1 side with a cost of $15 per metre.

    Find the dimensions of the area that wili minimise fencing costs.

    I cant seem to figure out the equation..

    THanks in advance

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  • Program to manage my HTC Incredible S?


    Is there some sort of program to manage my HTC Incredible S. As in like how you use iTunes for syncing music, videos, software updates, etc.

    Thanks in advance

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  • How does current actually move in a circuit?


    How does current actually "move" in a circuit?

    Is it purely due to the attraction and the electric field between the +ve charged and the electrons?

    Also, what determines the rate at which current moves?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Internal Resistence of Cell's?


    Say for example, i have a circuit in which there is just a cell, and resistor load, how can I ensure a low potential drop across the internal resistor of the cell?

    I know V = IR,

    so if i reduce current, flowing through the internal reisistor, the potential drop accross the cell will be low.

    However, say for example i have a "resistor load" which requires 5A of current to operate, how can i reduce the pd across the Internal Resistor?

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  • Redox reactions, and half equations?


    When will a redox reaction not occur?

    So say for example:

    K+(aq) + e- -->/ <--- K(s)

    Mg2+(aq) + 2e- -->/ <-- Mg (s)

    Using those to half equations, as K (Potassium) is more reactive as a metal than Magenesium (Mg), does that mean:

    Potassium aqueous can react with Magnesium solid?

    But, Magnesium aqueous cannot react with Postassium Solid?


    Also, is the only other condition where a Redox reaction cannot occur: If the sum of the Eo (volts), is negative?

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  • Oxidation Numbers, and redox reactions?


    If we are to find the Oxidation Numbers (ON) of each of the atoms in the compound: NaI03 (sodium iodate)

    I know the ON of every oxygen atom in this example is -2, but which atom do i make the unknown in terms of ON? Sodium or Iodine?

    ON(Oxygen) = 3(-2)

    = -6

    A) ON(Iodine) : 0 = 1(+1) + x + (-6)

    5 = x

    ON iodine is 5 ?

    B) ON(Sodium) : 0 = x + 1(-1) + (-6)

    7 = x

    ON sodium is 7 ?

    So it will either be: A) Oxidation Number of Sodium: +1, Iodine +5, Oxygen -2

    OR B) Oxidation Number of Sodium: 7, Iodine -1, Oxygen -2


    If it is A), is it because the Iodine is most electronegative, thus we give it the unknown?


    Also, if say for example, there is: BrCl03, not sure if it is actually possible, and am just asking for the sake of the theory,

    Chlorine is more electronegative than the Bromine, thus do we give the Bromide an ON of -1, and then solve for the ON of chlorine, giving 7, with oxygen -2 ?


    Thanks in advance :)

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  • What could i expect to happen to the pH of my soil when adding manure?


    If i add: sheep, cow and chicken manures to different samples of soil, for which manures could i expect pH to increase (move towards 0), and pH to decrease (move towards 14).

    If it helps, i measured my soil to have pH of 8.1

    Thanks in advance.

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  • How to measure the pH of soil?


    I need to measure the pH of different soils and the effects of adding manures and various fertilisers to them in terms of pH. As requested by the school, i have received a datalogger with the pH probe.

    As the probe only measures the pH of things in liquid, how should i measure the pH of the soil?

    Should i use normal tap water (pH of 6.9 at my home), distilled water, or something else?

    Thanks in advance

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  • How do we compare a countries trade performance?


    Can the foreign exchange rate be used as a measure of a countries economic trade performance? And also are there any alternatives?

    Thankyou in Advance.

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  • Why are competitive markets more efficient?

    Please! I need help with this economics question

    "Competitive markets are efficicent because consumers get what they want, producers make those goods and in the correct quantities".

    I need to discuss why this statement is true, any help is appreciated! Thank you in advance

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