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  • Why should American tax payers bail out corporate powers?

    Am I the only one that is sick of this crap? Why should my taxes go to a corporate power, aren't they all ready bleeding the country? When mom and pop stores have trouble they don't get a free hand out. Why should we help a company that won't even help themselves? I'm speaking of ALL the resent bail out BS. If they can not make it then toooo damn baaaaad, go cry to their mommy but leave the hard workers of this country out of it !!!

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  • Overly fast motorcycle what is the reason?

    I see a lot of speed freaks getting mad at cruiser bikes for being loud, okay fair enough. Now lets debate a real/true problem on the highway. The need for speed on public roads. Why does ANYONE need a crotch rocket that will go 120mph{or more}? What is so darned important that you accidents waiting to happen need to go that fast? My friends family and other innocent folks use the same roads. So why is it that some feel the need to put others at risk just so they can show off?

    With that said I have nothing against crotch rockets or fast bikes. What I don't care for is some lame d*** with little or no experience flying down the public road. Want speed and thrills go to a race track or are you to afraid you won't be able to show off?

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  • 1300s VTX risers?

    Where is a good place to get handle bar risers for a VTX 1300s. I just want about an inch rise nothing too high that I have to change stock cables. Thanks

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  • most popular accessory for cruiser ?

    any cruiser? I've been told it's the mirrors, what's everyone elses thoughts?

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  • metric Harley etc ???

    Why is it that Harley folks get so upset when we recommend a metric? I have riden bikes for over 30yrs{minbikes all the way up to big cruisers, Honda Harley yam etc...}. I have owned many types and helped build others back in the day of real "choppers". I don't have anything against Harley except that for the money spent there are better options out there. If someone is asking about buying a bike I think it is more helpfull if we can tell them about all options not just limit it to one type. Some times I really feel like bashing some of the Hardley owners{NOT THE BIKE} just because of their ego. Harley makes a decent brand bike but it is not ANY BETTER then some of the metrics. Also just because it says harley does not mean it is american....IT'S NOT !!!

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  • homosexual, offensive?

    Why is it when a homosexaul asks a question and they don't get the answer they like they get offensive? Maybe some answer are sarcastic while others just don't agree with the life CHOICE{style}. I have given what I feel are honest answers but get reported because I don't praise their way of life. If a person sits down next to you at a dinner and picks his nose and eats it, do you say oh how cute? I don't have a problem with a persons life style but I also don't feel like I should praise something that I don't want to see or hear about{straight or homosexual}. Ask a question but at the same time be ready for answer that may not be rose colored in your point of view.

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  • the gender?

    Why do people place a gender on an allmighty power/God/Life force? Why does God have to be a "he"?

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  • Why didn't Christ perform any real miracles.?

    Instead of feeding a few thousand why not solve world hunger? Instead of curing one blind person why not get rid of blindness all together? What good was turning water to wine {except for getting drunk}?

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