What do you think it will take to reverse the effects of global climate change?

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How serious do you think this problem is and what should we do to get the word out?
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The problem of global warming is the most serious threat this country - and the world at large - has ever faced. This problem goes beyond petty differences, problems of economy, social issues, even beyond international conflicts and the war on terrorism. We are talking about the survival of multiple species on Earth, including the human race.

Action must be taken now in order to reverse the effects of global climate change, both by direct action and by informing others of the problem and its seriousness. This needs to be accomplished on four levels. First, on the personal/family level; second on the local & regional level; third, on the national political level; and finally, internationally. All four of these levels must occur simultaneously.

The first level - personal & family:

Each of us must make energy saving changes in our lives, and convince our family and friends to do the same, so each of us takes personal responsibility for reducing our own CO2 footprint on the planet. How can we expect others to change, if we don't follow our own advice. We have an opportunity to lead by example. First, we must educate ourselves on the problem, and the steps we, personally, can take to solve it.

Simple steps, like lowering our thermostats in winter, and raising them in summer; replacing regular light bulbs with compact florescent bulbs; using less hot water; insulating your home; turning off (and unplugging) electric devices not in use; walking, biking, carpooling or taking public transportation when possible; buying products that use less packaging material; buy locally grown foods and shop at your local farmer's market; buy organic foods; keeping the air in your automobile's tires inflated and the engine well maintained; and, of course, recycling, can make a significant difference.

We can go even further than that. When we need to replace an appliance - choose one with an energy star label. When it comes time to buy a new car, look at buying a hybrid (or one that runs on alternative fuels, like E85). If it's available in your area, switch to green power, that uses renewable resources like solar and wind to provide electricity to your home - or if you can afford it, install your own solar panels on your home. Whenever you get a chance - plant a tree.

The second level - Local & regional:

We need to take what we do at home out into our community. Take these same energy saving tools to work or school. Not only inform and educate your coworkers about the climate crisis, and the things they can do o help, but encourage change in the workplace or school itself.

Attend city council meeting, and write to the mayor and council members voicing your concerns and encouraging the switch to renewable energy. Work to break down the regulatory barriers that are preventing a wider transition to energy sources like solar, wind and biomass.

Make your voice heard wherever you go. Bring it up in any clubs, groups and organizations you may belong to. If you lead any children's groups (scouts, ymca, etc.) incorporate what you have learned in your activities and lessons. make sure the next generation will carry on with this fight.

On a personal level, we can direct our monetary investments to companies that are environmental friendly and/or into companies, programs and products that are trying to address environmental/climate issues.

The third level - National-political:

Now we get to making big changes. To do this, we all have to become politically active. I don't mean just vote. I'm talking about contacting your state and national representatives (assemblyman, congressman, senator and president) on every issue that relates to the environment and has an effect on climate change. Call them. Do it so much that they will remember your name. This can't be done by just a handful of people, it needs to be done by everyone. You may feel that it takes up too much time, that you don't have the time to spare, but you need to find it if you really want to make a difference. Democracy is not easy.

Keep yourself informed and educated about the issues and bills/resolutions that are being voted on so that you can speak or write intelligently about the subject. When you write or cal, be concise. Convey all the information you need to in a clear, short message. A long rambling email (kind of like this one) would probably be largely ignored. For this to be effective, we must become louder and harder to ignore that the oil and auto lobbies.

We must draw their attention away from the myth and distraction of hydrogen technology, which will not be available, cost-effective or viable for decades, and point out the technology that is available, and cost effective, now: hybrid engines, solar, wind, etc.

We must convince those congressmen and senators who work for us to pass broad, sweeping legislation. The kind that would make a significant difference. For example, have all cars, from all automakers selling in the US, be hybrids by 2011. The technology is already there to put a hybrid in any size vehicle (Toyota has small, and mid-size cars as well as SUVs an Mini-vans that operate with hybrid technology - even if all of them are not currently being sold in the U.S.).

We have to get our politicians to lead the oil industry into redefining itself. To help it move from "The Oil Industry" to "The Energy Industry". Our politicians have to guide them to develop alternatives to oil. We must guide our politicians to lead the oil industry into the future.

The fourth level - International:

This one will be the hardest. Writing to our representatives will not have as strong an effect on the problems occurring in other countries, because the voices of our Congressmen and Senators carry about as much weight on the international stage as our individual voices carry in our own country.

This is the fight we can only begin to win by changing our own country first. America must become a leader in the struggle to reverse global warming, not just a half-hearted follower as we are now. We must get our politicians to recognize the problem and its significant consequences, work to change them, and then put pressure on the rest of the world to do the same.



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  • Billy Bob M Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    Ask the dinosaurs what happened Al... The earth is in a constant state of flux... to think that man has changed the climate is absurd. One good Volcano will have more effect than anything man has done to date...
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  • avi0l Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    Living it on its own.
    It is very sad that you stuck with these pseudo-scientists.
    That the kind of scientists that try to make predictions.
    Predictions are extrapolations, which is mathematical profane.
    You cannot predict future, without having mathematical model, basing only on known data.
    It equal to prediction about a roulette.

    But those pseudo-scientists make you believe that they know the truth, and know how to solve the problem; otherwise, no one will pay them for those kind of useless researches.

    I wish you remember that same "scientists" predicted an Ice Age in 1970s.

    They do not look for the truth, they look for money.
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  • wally l Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    it has been reported on t.v. that the average surface temp. of earth has gone up several degress in the last 3-4 years and the temp. of mars' average temp. has gone up the same amount. the sun is producing more heat....guess we have to wait on the sun to cooperate w/us. check out this link that talks about global warming.....
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  • Dee Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    I think Al Gore needs to quit blowing so much hot air out of his mouth. He is a person who stood in New York on the coldest day in recorded history and made a speech about the dangers of global warming.

    Thank goodness a nut job like you did not get elected president. Now go away.
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  • Snaglefritz Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    For the Earth to shift into the Proper Distance from the sun. Many people feel it a man caused problem. I do not think this is it.
    The Earth revolves around the sun,
    To and Fro you see,
    Sometimes it tilts a little,
    Just for fun and glee.
    It moves in and it moves out,
    The climates change with thee,
    Ice Age came,
    And Global pain.
    It all in the place Earth be.
    Hope this helps. It a "Natural" thing, nothing we can do, but, hang on for the ride.
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  • ? Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    It will take the reversal of recent American history such as the administration of Clinton and you for 8 years you desecrated this country with your amoral and blind work.
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  • mhk186 Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    Politicians, not the gobernment, need to pay for their many extravagant jet flights.
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  • yapest Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    I do not believe that there is a problem with global warming. I am not a scientist, but I am not concerned.
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  • Stephen S Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    The only constant when it comes to the global climate is change. A few centuries ago, bitter cold ravaged the northern hemisphere until a warming trend began in the 1700s that continues to this day. The current warming trend predates most of the Industrial Revolution. A thousand years ago the planet was much warmer than it is right now, with grapes being cultivated in Scotland.

    A thousand years is a short time in geological terms, but we have seen shifts that seem fairly dramatic within that time that were not caused by human agency. The fact that natural occurrences produced many more so-called greenhouse gases than industry is also striking.

    I agree that we should continue to strive to find better ways of living our lives without polluting the environment. Hydrogen cell technology, the Willie Nelson initiative to use corn products for fuel, wind farms, these are all just a drop in the bucket of ways we can decrease pollutants, reliance on foreign fuel, and improve life quality.

    That being said, I do not see how a "the sky is falling" approach is going to help. When people figure out that scientists are pursuing an agenda trying to frighten people into supporting a policy, the less likely they will be to believe scientists in the future.
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  • Vladimir Putin Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    For starters, when you use the term "climate change" it strikes me as some nice spin work. Of course the climate is changing... it always have been in a state of flux, and will continue to be. You seem to be playing off of people's ignorance and pandering to the natural human fear of change.

    I've studied the issue in depth. As you have. And yet, I come to different conclusions:

    1) I'm not convinced that the most commonly spouted facts make a valid sample. Instead, I'm suspicious that facts that run counter to your conclusions are commonly ignored by your crowd.

    2) I'm not convinced that, if there is a true global warming trend, it's anything more than a minor chaotic bump in the longer term patterns. And don't publish "average temp" charts - that again is playing to people's ignorance. Use real, relevant data.

    3) I'm not convinced that, if there is a warming trend, anyone understands why it's happening.

    4) I'm not convinced, that if there is a warming trend, human activity has anything to do with it. I don't reject the possibility, but you have no way to test your hypotheses beyond computer models that are full of problems of their own.

    5) I'm not convinced, even if it is human caused, that there's anything realistic we can do about it (is the cure possible? If possible, is the cost higher than the do-nothing alternative?) Prove it.

    Summary of my current opinion... your science is suspect and you're tilting at windmills, driven by an anti-capitalist, "Green" worldview and associated agenda.

    Prove to me that:
    1) It really is a trend that is caused by human activity
    2) It is large enough and fast enough that massive government sanctions (interruptions in the normal course of life and commerce) are the only viable solution.
    3) It is reversible, or at least able to be mitigated, at a cost that is less than the costs of doing nothing (i.e. that your solutions aren't worse than the problem).

    How could you prove that? Well, making movies in the Michael Moore style is not the way to do it.

    Hanging out with the usual suspects in the left/green world is not the way to do it.

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  • AARON L Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    Cool the sun down. The sun is hotter than it's been in a millennium or so.

    On this site, you can see the mean temperatures through the last 1,000 years.

    It is not nearly as hot for as long as it was around the year 1,000AD. How do you think the Vikings got around so easily? In 1,000AD, wine grapes were grown in the UK. For a long time. Raw coal was burned in the 1800's and later, creating huge local pollution and yet the Dickens winters prevailed. Charles Dickens wrote about snow in London. It doesn't snow in London any more and coal made that city black.

    You can read a discussion of it here:

    NASA shows that the sun is blasting hot right now:

    If you think it's hot now, what about 4,000 years ago when the Sahara was created (BBC news)

    You can see sunspot generation history for 400 years:

    And if you don't believe the Americans or Brits, the Swiss Professors have something to say as well:

    You don't think the sun matters in the temperature of the Earth? How long after the sun goes down does it take for the air to cool down dramatically at your home? Maybe 15 minutes?

    Just think if the sun got even hotter? None of the climate models shown by the media include the variable sun (yes, the sun's output is NOT constant) temperature and yet that is where we get every bit of heat from. Were in not for the sun, we'd be as cold and dead as the moon.

    Temperature measurements are taken in cities where it's hotter, skewing the measurements. Less soil and more asphalt/concrete contribute to that. Sorry, we can't stop building.

    There are local things you can do to affect climate change like acid rain and local heating in cities, sure. But global climate change is driven by the sun and nothing else. Humans are responsible for millions of tons of CO2 and such released into the atmosphere. The earth outputs BILLIONS of tons in the same time. Volcanoes, oceans, forests....all create CO2.

    And, if you're not old enough to remember, in the 1970's there was a huge ice age scare. Everyone was supposed to warm up the Earth somehow. No one knows how the climate works, what it will do or when the next cycle will be. We can guess. At best. Scientists then admit they were guessing and still are.

    With all these "great" computer models, we still don't have accurate weather predictions better than 3 days, sometimes even worse. You really think one can predict decades into the future using the same thinking and technology?

    You can see the sea levels in the 1850's in Tasmania were 0.3m (1 ft) higher than they were today, as described by early polar expeditions. But if it's warmer today and cooler then, wouldn't the mean sea level have risen? No one can even explain that.

    All of you promoting electric cars and such. Where do you think the energy for electricity comes from? Yup, fossil fuel burning plants in the US, nuclear in France, coal in Germany.

    To all of you saying "Cover the oceans in something...". Do you have any CLUE how big the earth is? To cover just the Pacific ocean in a layer 0.001" (0.0254mm) thick, the thickness of a very thin sheet of plastic, it would take 395,147,800 (that's 400 million) cubic meters of material.

    To put that in perspective, let's use coal. For the sake of arguement, we'll say the solution would be to use coal to coat the ocean (not that we would!) to cut global warming. The US produced 1133 million short tons of coal in 2005. If whatever you coated the Pacific with (ignoring all other oceans) weighed as much as coal, you would need 478 million short tons of material. You would need 42% of the US mined coal for one year to do this.

    Assuming you could do this, then you need to fly it over the Pacific to drop it. If you could. The C5 cargo plane can carry 100 tons of material. Just say you could open the back and dump it out. That means you would need 4.7 MILLION C5 flights to just carry the cargo alone. How much fossil fuel would that consume and how much CO2 would that produce?

    Uh huh.


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  • webfly2000 Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    I believe that our planet is far more stable than you think. I believe that we go though regular fluctuations that humans haven't noticed or paid attention to because the cycles happen over eons rather than a measly 100-200 years. For example, our planet produces much of it's methane through microbial decay of organic matter under anoxic conditions in wetlands. The methane humans produce is negligible in comparison. The ozone "hole" is affected more through volcanic activity than through freon, a gas that sinks into low places, such as basements.
    Humans have a duty to clean up after themselves, and to utilize resources wisely. But to assume that we are "killing" the planet is preposterous.
    BTW: Thanks for inventing the internet :)
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  • Man Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    No big deal the Earth survived meteoric impacts it will survive man.
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  • gem Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    Well since you invented the Internet, shouldn't you be able to figure it out?

    Why are you exploiting the masses in an effort to spread your political agenda?

    Are you going to try to legislate against volcanic gases too?
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  • HOBBY Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    During this century solar activity has again increased and is the highest in the last 600 years. Production of C14 during the last 1000 years. The variation in the C14 production is caused by changes in solar activity. When solar is high the production of C14 is low, due to the shielding effect of the solar wind against cosmic rays. Note that the axis for the C14 production has beenreversed. The Maunder minimum refers to the period 1645 -- 1715 when very few sunspots where observed on the sun. In this period the production of C14 was very high in agreement with a low solar activity.
    Are you really Al Gore?? ^-^
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  • cutlerb Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    First, start with facts. Your statement on David Letterman, that all scientists agree that global warming is a fact was about as true as your inventing the internet. When you make false statements, you discredit the cause along with yourself. Use your celebrity to hire someone credible to do the talking. That will appeal to the sector population that really has some impact.
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  • diamond maker Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu

    it is so hard to determine the main cause of the global climate changes, earth have been through so many different type of changes since its birth, and now in the 20th century and after the human invasion on this planet, we started seeing some changes in the climate, but to be honest with u, earth is alive and it is always fixing itself from any abnormal thing.

    personally I think there is no main cause of the global climate changes, this phenomena is very normal to this planet and I think earth is going to fix itself and get adapted to the new changes that is happening on its surface.

    these changes are very serious to the current creatures that they are living on this planet, because it effect their daily life routine, our best way to overcome this problem is to get more easily adapted to the new changes and change our life style


    personal philosophy
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  • Dusty Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    Well Al, since the global climate is, and has always been, due more to the Sun's sun spot and solar winds activity than anything human kind has been able to do in over some 50k years, Guess I am one that just doesn't buy your junk science concept. Most REAL climatologists believe the earth is cooling at a rate of about 3/100ths a degree a year. The Pacific is cooling and their is much evidence the so called Ozone holes are now closing and I, for one, have been screaming since last year that all this global warming is either going to drown us or freeze us. Here in Ohio, for example, we have lost our entire grape crop this year again do to the late spring frosts and the fact that we have been running about 15 degrees below normal for several years now. The majority of our record highs were set between the early 1800's and 1950's. In fact during the 70's you guys were worried about global cooling to the extent that it was even proposed to dump ashes on the Greenland Ice cap in an attempt to thaw it!!!
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  • golden_oldie_male Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    To at least to try to make a change America needs to stop bending facts published to its people on the matter,make a bigger commitment to change and not worry about all the energy companies.althought most are run by politicians,stop felling trees like grass,get rid of all the gas guzzling hummers and 4x4's make industry clean up its act and find alternate ways to make power instead of oil and coal,,maybe then when the arrogant American government shows commitmnet others might follow,,till then why should the rest of the world make the effort if big ole America aint bothered after all we all gonig to suffer in long run anyway,if not us our grankids etc and the money Mr Al Gore makes from his film he is plugging so heavily should go t o a third world country ,,or my bank account :)
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  • Robin D Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    What happened to planting more trees? That used to be a huge proactive step a few years back, but I haven't heard anymore about it since then. With all the fires in Arizona, Colorado, and California, we've lost thousands of acres of trees, which will increase the global warming issue; not to mention the rainforests being destroyed on a daily basis. We need to plant trees in our concrete cities and everywhere that heat is "created" by our own growth conditions. TREES!!! Such a simple thing!
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  • Birdkeeper Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    Al Gore is the same man who thought that terrorism was not a serious problem when he was advised that Ben Laden was dangerous he fired the man who told him about it.
    Global warming is a naturally occurring thing. It has happened before and will happen again if there is a planet left to be affected by cycles that occur naturally. Al Gore is a stupid person. He is only trying to stay in politics because he gets paid an obscene amount of money... by coming out and saying all this crap about global warming he is simply capitolising on FEAR. He wants us to believe that we are going to destroy the planet, but the fact is, WE will do it by bombs. There is going to be a nuclear war in the near future.... mark my words... its coming.
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  • tjonesy14 Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    The Earth has experienced dramatic heat indexes in the past. Earth has its own countersystems to dramatic global climate changes.
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  • X Marks the Spot Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    For starters, more respect for the environment. Hybrid vehicles are a start. But honestly Mr. Vice President, what is your true intention by being the poster boy for Global Climate change ? George Dubya Bush cannot run again. Are we looking at President Al Gore in 2008 ?
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  • NoMorLuv Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    You can't reverse a natural global cycle, all this has happened before man and it will continue after.
    Unless you think you are God as some do, man can't reverse it.

    I will probably admit that some things man does might increase the change but we can't stop it or reverse it. Because ultimately we didn't cause it.

    I tire of those who use science to further their political views. It is not true that there is a concensus of scientific "belief" in man's role in climate change. Remember these same kinds of "scientists" were warning us about the coming ice age in the 70's.
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  • Keenu Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    I know this will sound a little strange but positive thoughts and concentration on a healthy earth might really help. When people change their beliefs they actually change reality. I think that if we start to believe that we can actually heal the earth with our thoughts that we will start to see some changes. Right now we believe that we are mortally wounding our mother earth and that can only do much harm. Thoughts work miracles.
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  • Thomas L Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    Global climate change is presently irreversible. At the present time the earth is in a natural cycle where the magnetic fields of the earth are changing, ie. the poles are reversing. During this process the earth will experience climate changes not unlike those we are presently experiencing. These drastic changes were evident in the discovery of the mammoths found frozen with vegetation in their mouths. We are presently in the beginning stages of this cycle. Yes, we are on the verge of another ice-age. The numerous storms are also evidence. By the way, although you may think that our most recent tropical storm/hurricane Alberto was completely abnormal to develop in the month of May, If you check weather records, there was another hurricane documented in May in the late 1800's. It is true that our species is not helping our atmosphere, but this damage accounts for so little. Global warming is a natural occurrence. Check with NASA and JPL...they will show you evidence that the entire solar system's temperature is on the increase. Most recently Mars. Although the toxins we put into our atmosphere aren't good for us, they are not affecting the entire solar system including the atmosphere of Mars, Venus and even the sun. The recent extreme solar flairs are affecting our atmosphere more than the present level of pollutants emitted.
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  • bocoo_man Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    I don't have the answer to any of the assertion's made here, but I do know that they are assertions and not based on any conclusive facts. In fact the information is at best manipulated to put forward an agenda that is absurd. I have a question for Al Gore. Did his parents have any children that lived?
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  • sshazzam Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    I don't think we can reverse the affects.
    Having been in Archaeology and anthropology in college I learned that the earth goes through cycles of warming and cooling.

    The effects that Humans have had simply sped up the process but the earth is going to go through its cycle anyhow.

    Now I am a firm FIRM beleiver that we need to move away from fossil fuels and I know the USA can do it.
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  • Liberal Fascist Dijawab 8 tahun yang lalu
    A 50% reduction in the blow hard, do nothings on capital hill help lower the production of methane gas and carbon gas.
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