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Beginner Bike?

What is a good beginner bike for a first time motorcyclist? I am 5'6" and average body build. I'm looking at bikes, but not sure what I want. I lean more toward naked streets. I'm just looking for suggestions or opinions :) thanks!

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    America is an amazing place, where you can get your learner's on just about any bike. Europe is very restrictive; I think you can only start on a 125. Here in Australia, it used to be a 250 limit, then a 500 limit, and now a 650 limit; but there are weight-to-horseppower limits as well.

    But all in all, I think you would be beter off starting on a 250; such as the Kawasaki 250 someone mentioned, or the Honda Rebel, or the yamaha 250 Virago, if you prefer the laid-back style.Most experienced riders would not look at these bikes; but if you are totally new to riding, you will learn much more easily on one of these.

    An advantage is that you can pick up fairly recent second hand models of these bikes quite cheaply, and then if you move up to something larger (like the Honda CBR600Fi or the Suzuki SZ650 - a great all round bike), you will get most of your money back. I actually got more for my Rebel (called a CB250 in Australia) than I paid for it, and sold it before I got my licence (the Australian rider's test is quite difficult, and would be difficult for a beginner to passt on something like the CBR600Fi).

    Those who start on a large capacity bike either have natural talent and interest in riding fast; or if not, they are asking for trouble. Even my 'sedate' Yamaha FZ6 could do 220km/hr, and my current bike will do 0 - 60 in less than 4 seconds. Sure, you don't HAVE to ride these bikes fast; but a twist of the wrist at the wrong time, and you are in serious trouble.

    Without further raving, I suggest starting on something smaller that won't break the bank, and from which you can move up to something larger pretty soon - when you discover what sort of riding you want to do.

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    All of these answers are good answers, but it doesn't really matter what WE think is a good beginner bike. It matters what YOU are comfortable on. I recommend taking a safe rider course (like the ones offered through MSF). They have several bike sizes to choose from and will help you find what fits you. Then I would go shopping based on that information. If you can't or won't go to an MSF course then remember these points when you go shopping: 1. comfortable seated position (reach bars and pegs without discomfort) 2. feet can reach the ground without being on your toes 3. light enough to balance at a dead stop When it comes to power, it's all a matter of being comfortable and not having so much power that it will scare you off the bike. A 125cc should fit that description. Oh, and remember one thing; in America, motorcyclists will tell you that anything between a 250 and a 600 is a beginner/chick bike. The rest of the world doesn't seem to have that problem so take all of our comments regarding engine displacement with a grain of salt and buy what works for you, whether that is a 50cc or a 500cc. Ride safe and have fun.

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    Take a peek a Suzuki's SV650. It sound perfect for you and is the bike I recommend for every new rider. It's not too much bike for a beginner but is potent enough to still be fun years down the road. I have a few buddies with them and they love them. We have swapped bikes from time to time and honestly they are a blast. Have fun and think about taking a MSF course, look at it this way you will learn something, get your license and if you dump a bike in the process you do not have to fix it.

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    There aren't a lot of naked street bikes around.

    For your first motorcycle, buy a used Kawasaki Ninja 250. Six months later, sell it and buy the bike of your dreams.

    Like I was saying, there aren't a lot of naked street bikes new these days. If you have to buy new, check out the Suzuki SV650. If you're okay with used, how about a Suzuki Bandit 600? You should also check out craigslist DOT org.

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    kawasaki ninja 250 R. Great bike for learning. Fairly light and plenty of speed for a beginner. My mom learned how to ride on this bike, me also.

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    Learn on a dirtbike. A 4 stroke play / trail bike. Find a nice used one, keep it for awhile & you can probaly get most or all yer $ back when ya sell it. =^ )

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    whatever u go for don't get anything fast, heavy, and expensive for the first time. so many novice riders seem to go straight for those 3. why i don't know!

    get something with relative speed, light weight, and used

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    my first bike was a Honda nighthawk 400cc

    perfect for the road, not too fast but fast enough

    easy to handle and maneuver

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    Just watch out about getting something too small...Good to learn on but you will want something bigger as soon as you get the hang of it. I started on a Yamaha V-Star 1100

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    2006 Honda cbr600f41, light, nimble, smooth and will get you thru the learning curve and you will be riding it for years to come. and not have to trade up 3 times to get there

    Sumber: try southernhonda in chattanooga tn for the lowest prices on the net. we love our cbr600f4i and our vtx1800 cruiser too.
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