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james ditanyakan dalam SportsCycling · 1 dekade yang lalu

bike experts what do think of this bike?

it's a khs trail bike full suspension.

it can be seen here

i just want to know what you think of this bike and if any one of you knows the price, is this bike worth something like $500? or not?

how about the performance? durability? etc?

generally, is this bike good or fair? i don't think this bike is bad either. i just want to know if it's above the ege.

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    It is the link between Walmart and a Used Bike Rental. I cant understand why peolpe who are on a budget keep looking at bikes that are full suspension. I wouldn't dare to put that bike on any trail for various reasons. 1) It must weight a ton 2) Parts super low end and non reliable 3) The geometry looks super UN-comfortable 4) It shall ride like a Pogo Stick with wheels.

    We shall be realistic and be aware that you wont find a high performance bike for around $500. But certainly there are few decent bikes for people on a budget.

    Check these bikes out:

    Also check Treck, Giant and last GT. They offer excellent bikes and good value.

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  • McG
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    OK M R beat me to this one.

    It's not worth $500 -- I would offer no more than $350.

    Any bike can be kept up and made to last a long time depending on how you take care of it. This one is no real "gem", but it would be a good entry level for a 12-16 yr old that was just going to out grow the bike anyway.

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  • Anonim
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    Well, it states $439 MSRP. So no it's not worth $500. It's loaded with lower end parts, likely weighs a ton. It's a step above the Wal Mart bikes. But - like you can read here over and over, cheapo dual suspensions aren't a good purchase. Go for a Specialized Rockhopper or something like it for an entry level bike.

    Yeah, I know dual and disc are really cool. But ya got to ride and repair it too.

    BTW: I love to blow pass all the dual/disc MTBs on the XC trails.

    EDIT: my two daughters think I'm an expert at everything... including bikes.

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    as a self-proclaimed expert, i think this bike is only fair--not good. not KHS's fault, though, i don't think any $500 full suspension mountain bikes are very nice. full suspension bikes only start to be a good value upwards of $900. if your budget is limited to something more like this, you can get a much nicer hardtail (nicer components, front suspension, etc.) KHS generally offers pretty good quality bike at a fair price, but unless you just have to have a fully suspended rig, i'd pass on this one.

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    Has low-low end parts and it's a 21 speed!!! You can probably get a used 27 speed that's 10 pounds lighter for a little more than 500. This type of bikes will start to fall apart after good downhill banging.

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    I retired from the bicycle store a couple of years ago our main brand was KHS. The trail model you are refering to is an entry level bicycle not a bike for serious down hill riding. If you are going to do down hill go to the higher models of KHS they do have real nice models. you can check out the line by visiting their website.

    Sumber: retired KHS dealer
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    for that much

    its not bad

    your not to serious about dropping off forty foot cliffs so im not worried

    switch out the pedals for clipless and get a new seat

    but its not bad i guess

    khs does make good bikes so it should be good quality even if it is a cheaper bike that they make

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    I'd pass on it. Sorry. Low end parts. Probably weigh 40 pounds...

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