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Ducati, Aprilia, Triumph, KTM or MV Agusta?

I want to have a Supersport bike that is non-conventional, that is neither of the four Japanese titans where they could easily get old and depreciate. And I know that Europeans have more of the heritage than them.

Which is the European brands is best to own in terms of reliability and racing?

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    Ducati - very nice- very expensive -need lots of TLC - a fine machine though the dry clutch can make it sound like a bag of wrenches.

    Aprilla - Nice bike but I thought they're out of business - could be wrong but I'd check ( parts service warranty may be an issue)

    KTM - nice but unproven yet also spendy

    MV Augusta - F4 is beautiful but pricey.

    Triumph - my favorite is the 675 a dynamite piece of kit that's capable of track days but won't break the bank.

    They're all getting pretty reliable now it's just a question of cost and servicing. Also buy the proper gear - leathers and get some frame sliders and race day "Cheap" plastic farings if you're going to try it on the track - you will almost certainly dump one at some time and then the fun really starts! Good luck I don't think you'd be disappointed with any of those brands so I just think of the cost!!

  • Tim D
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    From a racing point of view the recent (10+ years) results indicate that Ducati is the top dog from the five in track and road racing, notably WSB, KTM are top of the off-road results their MotoGP involvement was a bit of a failure but the RC8 is well-reviewed. Aprilia mainly race in the smaller GP classes and very successfully. Triumph have largely not been involved in racing although they are in the Supersports section of Superbikes. MV Agusta are not the same marque that was so successful in the 50s and 60s and are not that involved in racing outside 2008 Superbike teams.

    All make capable and droolworthy bikes, if I had the money and/or inclination I would go with the RC8, but each marque might find a place in my dream garage.

  • mark l
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    I walk by Mrs Mark L's 2007 Aprilia Tuono Factory R on the way to my bike in the morning. Great bike. Her second Tuono after YEARS of riding R1s, GSXR1000s and the Superbike Du Jour. She likes European bikes and cars. I prefer my Jappers. I didn't drink the European Kool Aid. Honda has a greater racing provenance than the Europeans anyway. Ducati 1098s are becoming common around here. (Connecticut)

  • Chris
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    Motorcycle USA website usually throws in a few euro bikes for their supersports tests: worth a look.

    My favourite is the Aprilia RSV but the MV 312 is awesome. The MV is inline 4 like the jap bikes so an easier comparison. Other euro sports bikes to consider are:

    Triumph Daytona (675 and 1050)

    BMW K1200R

    Ducati make good all round bikes but they are a little overpriced considering the sales volume and componentry.

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    How much ya got to spend? 75K for the Ducati Desmosedici RR, 120K for the MV F4 CC??....decisions, decisons....

    But for the average guy, which Euro is best to own in terms of reliability and racing? The Ducati. Yeah, they are becoming more popular, but there is a reason for that. Nobody comes close to their records in superbike racing. The 1098 is phenomenal. If you can swing the 'S' or 'R' model, even better.

    The thing I like most about the Euro's is that they don't "cookie cut" their bikes like the jappers do. They each have their own style and characteristics about them. You really can't go wrong with any of them.

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    European motorcycles are just as reliable as the Japanese bikes but require more servicing/shorter service interval at a higher cost. I would go with Ducati because of the parts availability,the aftermarket help/options, and there are more service centers/dealers.

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    If you don't have any problem with money, just go on Ducati.

    If you do, go on Triumph 675

    They're all have the reliability, but when it comes to service, will be a bit...you know...those parts...

    For racing, you'd better go with the Japs..

  • Anonim
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    given the option i'd take the duc, their 1098 has really hit the spot...

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