Ducati or Mv Agusta?

What do you think?

The one's I am think are the Mv Agusta F4 750S, BRUTALE 750s, Or Ducati's 848, Customized 749.

The 848 looks great to me but I am still worried about the reliability. Ducati's have probably the worst electrical I have ever seen. The engine req allot of pampering and they aren’t to friendly to steep hills. The 749 has ALLOT of down falls but it's cheap : / And I think I could make a decent street fighter out of it.

I need some information of Mv Agusta's. I have found a dealer near me and I thought maybe. I heard their tranny's aren’t the greatest but nothing much else. I am hoping they are similar to the Jap bike's. Something I wouldn’t have to ever think twice about.

Keep in mind the 848 is almost twice the price as most the others.


Ya I know. I am interested in some of the Aprilia's, the shiver being one of them. But, considering that their power isn’t to pair with the rest adding in that they apparently get really bad gas milg 30mpg being avg. I decided against it to be in the comparison.

Another bike I am also looking at is Triumph's Speed triple.

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1. Ducati's cant take steep hills. What dose tq have anything to do with it? It's because of how the motor gets lubricated. It's the same reason you cant do wheelies on stock ducati's.

2. Mv Agusta's tranny's are well known for finding neutral spots while shifting.

3. Ducati's electrical's are extremely touchy. And they are very difficult to work on because the wires are the same color. They might have changed tho.

4. I believe Kawi uses a Cassette-type tranny in their zx-6r.

I know Mv Agusta's are expensive but the 750's seem to be rather reasonable. I was not aware that they req allot of maintenance tho.

And I believe I said I do have a Mv Agusta dealer near me.

I'm just trying to find a good alternative to the jap bike's.

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    I applaud your efforts in wanting to find an alternative to the jap bikes. You know, as well as anyone, that anything will leave you stranded if not properly maintained, even the jappers.

    I am heavily biased in favor of Ducati's. I've heard the Brutales have a cramped riding position, compared to others in it's class. (I'm 6' 2", so that's important to me)

    I don't beilieve you'll have any lubrication problems with the Ducati motor on any public road in North America. If you plan on riding wheelies for hours on end every day, that may be another story....

    If I could buy any naked/streetfighter bike, It would be Ducati's S4R S Tricolore.


    It's Italian, limited edition, powerful, and looks great, in my opinon.

    But it's still a tough call over the Speed Triple.


    I've gotta give credit where it's due. This is the best "bang for the buck" in this category. New they just over 10K, and with a quick search on cycletrader, I found several '05 to 08's between 5 and 9 grand..depending on mileage.

    With getting a more exclusive bike, you're gonna have to compromise with a little more "pampering". I believe the Triumph will have the least cost of ownership, compared to the others.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Ducati or Mv Agusta?

    What do you think?

    The one's I am think are the Mv Agusta F4 750S, BRUTALE 750s, Or Ducati's 848, Customized 749.

    The 848 looks great to me but I am still worried about the reliability. Ducati's have probably the worst electrical I have ever seen. The engine req allot of pampering...

    Sumber: ducati mv agusta: https://shortly.im/VnMvJ
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    Well MV Agusta doesn't make the 750 anymore so you would have to get a used 750 or a new 1000 R or the new for '08 1078 RR 312 which is even faster than the 312 R that broke the record for fastest production bike (regular motor not the turbine Y2K MTT.)


    I have a Ducati 750 Supersport and 996 and have never had any electrical problems with them ever, have you ever asked anyone that's owned them like club websites about the electrics?

    "Not too friendly to steep hills" The 1098 has the highest torque out of any sportsbike so if a Ducati can't go up a hill nothing will: http://www.bikeland.org/story.php?storyID=27641

    As far as the MV Agusta transmission they are the only sportsbike with a cassette transmission that can be easily changed, swapped, and worked on, not like any other sportsbike so you're wrong there too.



    MV Agusta and Ducati are Italian and are the Lamborghini and Ferrari of the motorcycle world the fastest, raciest, works of art but you'll have to do a valve adjustment every 6,000 miles instead of 30,000 for a japanese bike not to mention belts and clutches. Valve adjustments alone for my Supersport every time is $600.

    MV Agusta is probably the most expensive brand and will cost more than Ducati to maintain. Their radial valves and other engine designs came from a 1992 Ferrari Formula One car and the "F" in F4 stands for Ferrari. You get what you pay for, not only is it the fastest sportbike in the world with the models having 190hp, and 200hp, but the exhaust sounds like a Ferrari race car on top of that, it is such a wicked exhaust.



    I don't know if you're looking for a sportsbike or naked bike but the best naked bike by far that not many people know about is the Benelli TnT also Italian, it is the most bad@ss looking streetfighter out there and comes in a few versions:


    (Hayabusas don't come with 200hp stock, sorry.... Hayabusa=heavier+less hp. Not really a track bike or quarter mile bike, or top speed bike but good for cruising around town. Only 194hp very slow: http://motorcycles.about.com/b/2008/04/09/full-rev...

    If you have the money this is the bike for you:



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  • Erica
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    For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/avshK

    If youre interested more in what people think then yes. A japanese bike will probably perform better stock, and with all that money you saved you could make it much much better than the Italian bikes. As far as the bikes you listed, you cant get the desmo if you dont already have it ordered. Plus it has yet to be released. The MV is just a hoped up stocker with a larger price tag kinda like a S or R model Duc.

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    Too many people look at this as a "by the numbers" decision. If price-performance is your number, look elsewhere (although Ducati's 1098 is a serious contender here). Japanese bikes are, hands down, better performers, more reliable, embody more of the latest technology, better aftermarket parts availability, are cheaper to run, maintain and own. etc, etc. However, many of them are about as exciting as a microwave. They lack soul, emotion, passion, character. And of course, everybody owns one and you can't tell one from another. Also, many of the Japanese superbikes are better machines than their riders...leading Suzuki to add gizmos which tame their superbikes down a bit to give "average" riders a chance at riding well on them (a good thing, imo). On the other hand, Italian bikes are beautiful, stirring, fussy, high maintenance, passionate, memorable (like several women I know). The tingle you get every time you ride is worth every penny. Chris ps. The Ferrari Enzo, Italy's penultimate supercar, is hugely expensive with absolutely outstanding performance. Very exclusive. Only 700 were made, and YOU didn't get to buy one just because you had the money. Ferrari CHOSE who got them....just proving that Italian machines are not about the numbers...they're about the lifestyle and the experience.

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  • Anonim
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    Ducati. There aren't a lot of MV dealers around.

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  • Anonim
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    Could try a Cagiva V-Raptor / Xtra Raptor 1000, they use a Suzuki TL1000 engine so you've got Japanese reliability and cool Italian styling. Good choice if you're looking for something different...

    Or maybe a Bimota, rare bikes nowadays, again they use Japanese engines (except for the DB range which have Ducati engines and the 500 V-Due). Good if you're looking for exclusivity.

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  • Dan H
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    Sheesh, nothing like picking all of the elite bikes out there with the fewest dealer around and the most required maintenance, not to mention expensive replacement parts.

    They are all good bikes and they perform their intended purposes well, but they need to be pampered.

    If you are looking for a gas and go bike, buy Japanese or the Speed Triple.

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  • Chris
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    If you go by the experts at Motorcycle USA there is a better Italian streetfighter: Aprilia Tuono.

    They also make a 750 naked called a Shiver which is on my wishlist: V twins rule!

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    MV for wow factor or the Triumph for day to day, they are far more reliable and have a great motor.

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