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harley and sports bike stereotypes ?

what are they? What are some general characteristics of a harley rider and a sports bike rider? are those the only two category of motorcycle riders?

also what are some good sites that have User reviews of motorcycles, not just expert and critic reviews.

thank you very much

i am Asian in 20s, but I actually fancy the Harley model more right now (the night rod model in particular). i personally am starting to think the sportsbike is a little juvenile, and the Harley exemplifies a more powerful stature and presence. but what kind of image does an Asian on a Harle portray (for example, or not even Asian, anything you want)?

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    Look there are no general characteristics of any kind of motorcycle rider. To those of us who really are true bikers then you either ride or you don't. I have been riding legally for nearly thirty years, have my own bike business, own and ride sport bikes, old classic British bikes, road legal competition enduro bike, monkey bike, japanese tourer, and a custom styled old twin - amongst many others. If anyone tried to stick me in a pigeon hole bike wise, then I would just know that they are an ars*e talking from a position of ignorance.

    People who get hung up on any one kind are just as shallow as any other group in life. It matters not a jot if you are Asian, African, Aboriginal or what ever. Indeed I am not even sure why you would feel it relevant to mention. Get the bike you want and ride the damn thing, treat all other two wheeled riders with the respect and camaraderie as you would like to receive yourself and you won't go far wrong.

    In reading your question it appears that you are starting to base your purchase decision purely on image and that is completely the wrong way to do it. You may very well be sadly disappointed with a bike if you buy it based on looks. There is a whole lot to more to living with and riding a motorcycle than that.

    Your question is also badly presented when you ask if that is the only two groups of riders, I suspect you mean group or category of bikes and the answer is no. There are also naked bikes, touring bikes, general road bikes, classic bikes, retro style bikes, adventure bikes, scooters, motard, sport touring, custom and so on.

    Seriously best of luck and welcome to the world of biking but don't spoil it before you even start by thinking that it has to be compartmentalised.

    Edit - sorry but the guy above is talking pants - it is not a FACT that Harleys's do not last as well as other bikes. There is absolutely nothing at all to back that up. There are many big V-Twin engined bikes on the road that have been around for a very long time. As with any machine, it is how it is looked after that decides these things. The modern day V-twin engine has so much engineering in it, that it will easily last as long as any other configuration. Why on earth people should say something is a FACT when they are simply reporting an opinion is beyond me. Harleys also do not neccessarily have ape hangers and there are precious few V four sports bikes out there, in fact in current production of mainstream motorcycles I can think of only one V-Four sport bike and that is the incredibily expenisve and very limited availability Ducati Desmoseidici. There are in line fours (all the big Japanese factories), V Twin (Ducati, Aprilia, Honda amongst others), in line triples (Triumph, Benelli) - there may be a v four that I am missing right now but it is far from being one of the main configurations.

    Ninebadthings - thanks for the update but in Europe the VFR is not conisdered as a sportsbike, more a sport tourer. It is indeed, as you say, an absolute belting machine and perhaps the best all round bike on the market today.

    That SnOOp bloke also has his head shoved up his own back passage.

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  • Anonim
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    I had a 1999 Suzuki 800cc cruiser for my first bike, and a year later I switched to a 2006 Suzuki SV650S (much faster even though a smaller engine, thanks to the tranny gear ratios). If you're looking for a more comfortable ride, then a sports bike isn't really it. Grant it they make bikes like that one guy said, I think the FZR 1000, which is a big and comfy sport bike, but get ready for the price tag. And you're 800cc isn't enough power to get out of situations? Anything a 800cc engine can't pull you out of, you should probably be hitting your brakes instead. Then again, I don't know what specific sitution you're talking about. For comfort with the wind, fairing will definitely help, but so will an aftermarket large windshield for your bike. Most cruisers pull off the windshield look quite nicely. Just make sure you go for the one that extends down the forks so you get leg protection also. It's also very nice to have in colder weather. For comfort on my personal sport bike, it's defiinitely not a 2 hour commuter. I did however buy a seat made by suzuki (used that is, costly otherwise) that is a gel seat. With that seat I can ride 2 hours comfortably, but I still would prefer the comfort of a cruiser seat during the ride. The stock seat on mine has pressure points that hurt your legs pretty bad after an hour or more. The trade off is that the gel seat doesn't let you lean into turns as well. The longest I've ever ridden my SV was 4 hours only to stop for gas, and I was in such pain (my legs/butt) that I was basically grinding my teeth. Oh and good choice taking the MSF course. I wanted to go back and take their advanced course, but haven't done it yet.

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    DUUUUUDE!!!!! do NOT buy a bike for the image or status it may bring. Just because you are in your 20's dosen't mean it would be juvenile to ride a sportbike. I ride one and I'm 34! And you know what?

    I talked a buddy into getting one instead of a Victory Vegas Jackpot cruiser and he LOVES his bike.

    Obviously I don't know what type of rider you are, but if you like having fun and living a little sportbikes rock. super fun. performance is waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy better. Reliable too.

    Touring bikes can be nice too, but should be ridden in only one manner, mellow. I would only buy a Harley if you like working on bikes.

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    stereotypes are:

    harley rider: Old, fat biker, who showers on the same schedule as a hippie or RUB (Rich Urban Biker) who wants to have a bad boy image, but has more money than skills.

    sports bike rider: Young arrogant punk kid (generally male) who wears either full battle armor or shorts/muscle shirt with tennis shoes, zipping in and out of traffic and doing wheelies at 85 mph.

    Now that is out of the way neither stereotype fits the vast majority of riders, don't fit either stereotype.

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  • 20/20
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    why not ask about cruiser bike compared to sport bike? You're comparing a make with a type{many different makes}. Buy what makes you happy, make sure it fits you and your needs not just everyone Else's ego.

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    I ride both and I'm the coolest guy I know....lol.

    Get a Buell then you got the best of both worlds. Harley sportbike.

    as far as harleys not lasting.....when was the last time you saw a 1970s rice burner?

    another plus for harleys is they hold their value better

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  • Anonim
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    Stereotypes can be either true or false, there are a few from each side...

    Harley bike stereotypes:

    They leak oil (untrue since the 70's)

    Unreliable (untrue)

    Low powered (very untrue, I've pulled a Freightliner truck with mine)

    Poor handling (eye of the beholder, ride is a big part of handling in my book)

    Holds the best resale (quite true across every single model line, incl vrod)

    Image bike (for some, that's probably all it is, but the image they are after did come from the good qualities that attracted others to it)

    Hard on fuel (untrue, much the same as most bikes out there)

    Old technology, never updated (untrue, hd offers efi, abs brakes, air ride suspension, the innovative softtail suspension that others have copied, self canceling sig lights-and the only model with hazard lights, fuel guage, cruise control, satellite radio/mp3 players, navigation systems, led lighting, no sense in going on...)

    Sport bike aka crotch rocket aka japp crapp bike stereotypes:

    Plastic bikes (true, much more plastic than a harley)

    poor powerband (you need annoyingly high rpms to get any power out of them)

    built by snipers (japan did attack, and now so many fools buy their product... i don't get that)

    high build quality (myth, no better, no worse than any other... all manufacturers have quality control processes, and they have as many or more warranty claims as harley does)

    shorter life span (true, wear out faster, get abused more, discontinued parts more often-lack of demand for old parts)

    this can go on a long time, but i'm too lazy, so i quit

    Sumber: asian on american bike, americans riding asianbikes... i feel people should support their own country, so if you were born here... damn rights you should ride a harley if you're an immigrant... well let's say i have a poor view of immigrants anyways, they can ride their own brand of bike right back home
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    Harley is the bike for people only concerned with image. It is a posers bike. A status symbol for people of low status. It is an over priced, grossly underpowered overweight lumbering antique. It's the bike of dirtbags, trailer trash, and middle aged middle class people who know zero about motorcycles and like to dress up like gay pirates for some reason.

    Sports bikes like dirt bikes and touring bikes are for people who see motorcycleing as a sport. They are built to do a job and they do it very well. They are cutting edge technology, not a chrome plated reproduction of 1930's state of the art.

    If you buy a nightrod get ready to be owned by out of the box 250 ninja's that cost 1/3 the price and get 80mpg.

    Shuggie....Honda VFR Interceptor, a very sweet bike.

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    take it you like my bike...

    hehe... have you checked out the vrod muscle??

    its a good bike and dont worry about what other people think... it looks good and rides well

    it has fuel injection, liquid cooled, abs brakes, and all it needs it some good pipes and a k&n filter

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