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What's wrong with Limewire?

i've downloaded it before but then my computer had viruses so it was cleaned.i wouldn't think limewire gave my computer viruses while i was getting songs. i deleted my limewire thing and haven't used it in a while. when i tried downloading it again, my computer wouldn't let me...

does limewire give your computer viruses if you download songs? is it illegal to get songs from limewire?....should i download it again and see if it lets me?


if i do download frostwire, it looks the same as limewire but how is it safer? are all of their songs safe to download?

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    Much of what you download from Limewire is viruses, trojans, etc.

    Try a program called "Cabos" it uses the same network as limewire (meaning you can download the exact same stuff using it) and is much more clean look to it. It is also free and has not pro version.

    To avoid downloading virus from limewire follow these suggestions:

    1.) Don't download anything but music

    2.) Dont download unless it has more that 5 seeds

    3.) Dont download if the music doesnt have a bitrate listed

    4.) Dont download if the file doesnt have a song length listed.

    5.) Dont download any .zip, .rar, or any other compressed files.

    Basically if it is a legit song, then it most likely isnt a virus. Just be smart with your downloads and you should be alright.

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    It really depends about getting viruses from limewire. There are some files that are infected, mostly files other than video and audio, so I wouldn't download any programs or documents off of it. And yes, it is illegal to get songs from limewire, it is pirating music and is violating copyright laws, but with the amount of people that use programs like that to rip off thousands of dollars in music and programs and movies etc, you will never really get caught. I recommend NOT downloading limewire again, I suggest using Bittorrent or maybe Ares Ultra, Bittorent is free, but it might be a little more complicated to use for an amateur computer user. You have to pay for Ares Ultra, but it is almost exactly like limewire and to my knowledge is much safer.

    If you really don't want to pay for Ares Ultra, contact me at tdhockeyfreak7@gmail.com and I will give you some basic instructions on how to use bittorent.

    Sumber: Personal experiences, I got a virus from limewire a while back and decided to switch to Bittorrent, which i found to be much better.
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    Limewire is full of stuff you don't want getting into your computer. Files on limewire can contain viruses, trojans, and malicious spyware that can infect your computer. The program itself is safe, but the files that people upload are dangerous.

    If you're looking for a safer way to download things, look into torrents. I have provided a few links down at the bottom about information and instructions. Torrents are (mostly) safe and easy to use. Try it out!

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    I dont know, but some songs that are being downloaded from Limewire does contains virus..

    Trust me, I had that experience..

    My aunt asked me to download Frostwire, its a sister site for Limewire..

    But then again, just scan the songs that you have downloaded.. Its more safer that way..

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    Some songs aren't really "songs", so make sure to preview before you download the whole thing.

    Yes it's illegal to get songs from Limewire but too many people do it to convict everyone so if you're VERY unlucky, you will get caught. Otherwise, don't worry.

    Try downloading it again, or restarting your computer. Maybe you didn't uninstall it all the way. Check and make sure you uninstall it all the way before you reinstall.

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    i'm assuming it is the hot limewire 5. besides you could exchange your seek view via between the buttons interior the excellent real hand corner, it grants the alternative of viewing your seek ends up in classic view that's the only you could click on, and the 2nd button is checklist view, which isn't so sturdy. additionally attempt utilizing the upward push seek determination interior the drop down menu next to the enter container the place you form what you desire to seek for. for my section i think of that each and every physique they did with this new limewire replaced into that they made it seem somewhat better and tried to confuse the crap out persons via shifting issues around. i could propose which you get carry of the previous version because it truly is larger and much less complicated. And for the 2nd component to your question, it nevertheless retains the music there, because of the fact once you place it up the two you or limewire set a get carry of trip spot folder, which isn't appropriate the the limewire software folder, so subsequently once you uninstall limewire it ignores what you have before downloaded. i wish this solutions your question. sturdy success.

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    It can be a virus if you download a bad file. You can also check it on Bitzi, by right-clicking and hovering over Advanced then clicking check with Bitzi. And make sure you have good firewall and antivirus installed. I prefer McAfee. It isn't really illegal, because it is a file sharing program, but if you reproduce the songs or share them like on CD's and such, then that becomes illegal. I think you should try again, make sure in Add/Remove programs it is gone, then restart computer, and try to install again.

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    Limewire is known to give viruses after awhile, so they updated

    it to Frostwire.

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    i just posted a question like this too!

    i deleted it because it wasnt working for me.. ((yes it is iillegal!))

    someone told me to download FrostWire...

    I downloaded it tonight ! IT WORKS GREAT!

    problem free, and same format as limewire!

    Try it out if you love limewire, you'll love this!

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    Yes it is illegal and does give you viruses

    But if you sample the music before the download you will be great

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