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Yamaha Vs Ducati (WSBK)?

Without giving the results away. (for those who havent seen it yet)

what do you think about the difference between the Yamaha and the Ducati. can we safely say the Yamaha might be an equal this year.

Im thinking about power out of corners and Tyre wear.

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    Hi Ben19fan

    2 excellent races. The Yamaha has always been good, especially on outright power and speed. But last years Ducati I thought was a slightly better all-round package.

    In theory, this year the Yam should have closed the gap (or even surpassed) with the "Long Bang" engine it should have the best of both worlds. Good top end power, better traction out of the corners and less stress on tyres.

    It seems that early on, the championship is going as a lot of people predicted. But it's very early days, and I'm wondering if towards the end Nori might be regretting his decision to jump from the Yamaha ship.

    Only time will tell, but it's shaping up to be one hell of a season, as predicted.

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    I have to say, after watching the races just now, the new " short " bang engine in the R1 is not lacking anything at all !

    Its not a true " Big Bang 2 nor is it the same firing order as Rossi's , like the 2 comms on the live feed said it was, but a " short " bang is made to give the engine tourqe a second breath while the rear tyre gets a second wave from the crack tourqe to give it a screamer type wheel spin.

    When used correctly ( i.e last left hander at Philly Island ) it is a very usfull tool.

    As for the new Yammy been up to the job ............. well it looks like it with one of the riders !

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  • Stalin
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    Not this year the Japanese have take the Ducati team to First and Third at Phillip Island this minute on SPEED (directTV). Suzukis are better still; except for tire wear.

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  • yamaha is the best

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