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MV Agusta F4 312R, Ducati 1098r, or Bimota DB7?

Which is the worlds best f4cking hyperbike?

Desmosedici and F4 CC are TOO expensive and therefore don't count.

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    Hyperbike. Sounds like you're a hyperf*g!

    -Offensive material removed!-

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    Too many human beings inspect this as a "by capacity of the numbers" selection. If fee-performance is your style, look elsewhere (even in spite of the undeniable fact that Ducati's 1098 is a extreme contender the following). eastern motorcycles are, palms down, more effective performers, more effective sturdy, embody more effective of the recent technologies, more effective aftermarket factors availability, are more low-priced to run, safeguard and own. etc, etc. in spite of the undeniable fact that, a lot of them are about as thrilling as a microwave. They lack soul, emotion, interest, personality. and clearly, each and absolutely everyone owns one and also you may't tell one from yet another. also, most of the eastern superbikes are more effective machines than their riders...most efficient Suzuki to characteristic gizmos which tame their superbikes down somewhat to grant "universal" riders a threat at using nicely on them (a sturdy situation, imo). on the different hand, Italian motorcycles are eye-catching, stirring, fussy, extreme upkeep, passionate, memorable (like each and every women persons i know). The tingle you get each and every time you holiday is worth each and every penny. Chris playstation . The Ferrari Enzo, Italy's penultimate supercar, is exceedingly extreme priced with easily magnificent performance. Very unique. in elementary words seven-hundred were made, and also you probably did not get to purchase one merely because you had the money. Ferrari chosen who were given them....merely proving that Italian machines are literally not about the numbers...they're about the existence-variety and the experience.

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  • Ming
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    u need a ducati 1198

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    MV is the sexiest, 1098R is the fastest at the track (assuming "expert" rider).

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  • marcy
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    ducati 1098r

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