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Which is a better beginner bike: Suzuki SV650 -or- Kawasaki Ninja 500?

I think I have my beginner bike narrowed down to either a Suzuki SV650 (naked) or a Kawasaki Ninja 500. Which bike out of the two is a better quality built bike for the money?

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    The SV650 just seems like a much more modern bike. I know you like the naked version, but I think the SV650SF is the best looking intro level sport bike out there. It may be the best intro level bike ever created. I have read tons of things in tests that say it can be more fun than a Super Sport in lots of situations.

    Either one of your choices are great.

    The SV650 would be my choice if it were my money though.

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    Both are great bikes and are very forgiving, either choice want be bad at all, you wont regret it. But if you were to choose one of the 2 I would say go for the sv650, it has alot more power then the 500, and if you're going to be doing freeway riding, any biker would say that if you plan to hit the freeways you need a minimum of 600cc bike. The Sv650 is very torquey but also predictable smooth power delivery with its v-twin engine. I would say the sv-650 is better built and the engine would last forever if you use synthetic oil in it and change every 1500-2000 miles. Both are good bikes, both could last up to 100,000 miles if you maintain them properly, but like I said go for the sv-650 because it will take you a while to grow out of it, and I read reviews on it, and its famous for smoking the 1000cc bikes in the twisties. The Kawasaki 500 you would grow out of it in a matter of 2 months the 650 will keep you entertained for while, plus another thing that really good about the sv650 is its fuel injected technology the kawasaki 500r is carburated , and trust me you'll get sick of carburated engines and especially starting them messing with the choke, and the power will start to bog down when you go through higher elevation, you don't want that. So already it narrows it down the sv-650 v-twin fuel injected is a better bike by quality, performance and reliability, and fuel injected equals easier maintenance, just be sure to change the oil every 2000 miles and adjust the valves at 30,000 and your set it will run forever if you let it. ANyways dude hope this helps. Good luck and remember go for the up to date technology like fuel injection.

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    The SV is a better bike in general I think but either would be fine as a beginners bike. If I was a beginner and purchased the Nina I would want to move up later, but the SV is a bike I would keep regardless of my experience. The SV650 is so popular some tracks have a class dedicated to just that model.

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    I think the Suzuki would be the more versitile bike. So if the issue is pure practicality, the suzuki wins easily. But really you can't go wrong with either bike.

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  • Dave
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    Go with the Suzi and take the SAFE RIDING COURSE and always wear full leathers and gloves- full face...someday you'll thank me and that day comes for EVERY biker.

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