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What are the good foods for GERD?

Recently I started dieting using a medication named Fastin (30 mg) taken once per day. Now I have gastric esophagela reflex disease because I eat two very small meals and a regular dinner. I have done some research on the net and there are certain foods that will help such as apples, honey and aloe vera juice. Does anyone know of any other foods that will help to prevent the gerd? I would love to here from you. Thank You.

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    I also have GERD. Anything (amost) that is like Milk based like mac and cheese, any pasta doesn't bother me unless its a marinara sauce (alfredo is good). Natural things like fruit and veggies are great too (Grapes and bananas). Also, try eating organic, I did a research paper once and on experience I have found organics are easier on the stomach. But remember, ANYTHING can cause reflux, its a certain allergy to food, so hopefully I helped!! Much Luck!

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    Get up and walk 10 minutes before each meal

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