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Ducati dealers first in customer treatment! H-D riders how do you feel?

2009 Pied Piper Prospect Satisfaction Index

Brand 2009 2008

Ducati 107 104

Harley-Davidson 105 108

Victory 102 106

BMW 102 102

MV Agusta 101 97

Buell 101 103

Industry Average 101 100

Suzuki 100 97

Yamaha 99 95

Triumph 97 94

Kawasaki 96 93

Honda 95 92

Aprilia 94 92

KTM 92 86

Moto Guzzi 91 88

Husqvarna 90 84

That will teach H-D dealers to snub me!


I just wanted to express my how I feel towards H-D dealerships. Maybe I'm not the only one getting snubed?

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  • strech
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    And per your own data, they were number one last year (2008).

    Now, they've slipped to number 2.

    Ducati was number 3 last year. (Below Victory)

    Remember, this is from the data YOU supplied.

    Next year, probably someone else will edge out Ducati.

    So what's your point?

    Usually, the #2 & 3 positions strive for the #1 slot.

    'Course, you'd know that if you knew anything about business that deals with the public.

    Sumber: Bart's own statistics
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  • 1 dekade yang lalu

    Like I give a spit. i'm sure Ducati's are fine bikes, but I have no desire to own one. Same goes for a triumph speed triple.

    I also have no complaints on the service at my local H-D dealer. As a matter of fact, they will often stay late to fix a problem if the rider is traveling.

    By the way, I notice your beloved triumph dealer is WAAAYYYY down the list, compared to harley. Funny thing, I also noticed that all the jap bike companies also seem to be near the bottom of the list. What's up with that, Bart? Maybe you being snubbed doesn't only happen at the Harley shop.

    I love it when you throw out "facts" and they bite you in the a$$.

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  • 1 dekade yang lalu

    Well Bart, since you are not so smart as to change your avatar and only did change your last initial you really need to leave the grown-up things to the grown ups.

    The fact that HD dropped from first to second in this index is no big deal. All it means is that a few folks went to Ducati as opposed to HD.

    If you think that this will make those of us who are old enough to own a motorcycle, nash our teeth and pull our hair, then you are truly a sad case. I will say that having a second identity on YA will only give you a second vote to support your pathetic opinion. When is your mom going to change your diaper?

    You really need to get a life. Maybe something in a nice padded cell!

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  • 1 dekade yang lalu

    Locally here there is no difference as the Harley dealer also sells Ducati, MZ, Buell, BMW, Kymco, Moto Guzi and Hysung

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    No it won't,... it won't teach them anything due to the fact they need not learn anything from the likes of you. You are suffering from illusions of grandeur. Nobody in Milwaukee knows who you are,... I guarantee it. If you simply want to express something find a sounding board. In case you have not noticed the name of this place is Yahoo! answers. being as the only question SPECIFICALLY was "how do I feel?" I feel fine, thanks for asking. However YOU should be asking how Audie Jo feels about being snubbed at her local Ducati franchise,.... NO? YES. How can they be #1 and snub anyone? Could it be Ducati applies the same sales screening techniques that HD does?

    The reality is nobody of any consequence or influence has heard of Pied Piper and their opinions are absolutely meaningless to the mainstream motorcycle buyer.

    You'll never see P/P advertised in the Ducati window. What does that tell you?

    You can continue to spew forth anti-Harley rhetoric, but it will continue to blow up in your face every time. Bring it, cupcake....

    Go ahead, ask her.;_ylt=AsnDu...

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  • 3 tahun yang lalu

    Bart, are you nevertheless wandering around harley shops? purely won't be in a place to get the craving for a harley out of your gadget, huh? in case you're ever going to have adequate funds a harley, you will could desire to provide up the task at mcdonalds and make some extreme funds. i be attentive to that ought to be complicated to do, you having to replica the eighth grade lower back and all.

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  • 1 dekade yang lalu

    Not a bad score for H-D, looks like they don't have much to complain about.

    If you are so anti H-D, why do you keep talking about getting one? is this just self-hatred? You're worried about what the take with them, what they talk about, what they think of you and which bike you should get. Why not just ride and have fun and worry less?

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  • Anonim
    1 dekade yang lalu

    Big Four dealers tend to be multi dealers, selling boats, motors, generators and weed whackers as well as three brands and six styles of motorcycles. Its small wonder that prospective customers don't rate them high.

    H-D is the only dealer in my town that sells one brand.

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  • 1 dekade yang lalu

    Wait a minute, I thought it was Bart S. that always got snubbed by HD dealerships?

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  • Anonim
    1 dekade yang lalu

    cant help but notice that H.D. scored higher than your Jap buddies! I couldnt care less though,I come from the ol school.IF YOU DIDNT BUILD IT AND CANT WRENCH ON IT YOU SHOULDNT HAVE IT! Never bought a bike in my life! Built every one from the flywheels up!

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