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Ninja Bikes or Naked Bikes?

Whats your favourite cheapest bike?

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    Ninja 250, but I should point out that there are plenty of other bikes with fairings which are not Ninjas.

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    ninja is the model name for kawasaki - ninja zx6 brilliant, zx9 a brute, zx10 awesome. naked bikes more blowey with no fairing but still good fun, depends what type of mileageand riding you'll do

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    That's hard. Ninja! They have the most power and torque. But it is all in the eye of the beholder now days. It is what you want,looks, handling, and what you feel comfortable on.

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    sport bikes oh yes, my fave cheapest is my zxr 400 l2 £750

    from a standing start in a quarter of a mile it will be doing 110mph

    handles good enough to have knee scrapers put to use

    very reliable and does 47mpg average

    £750 ? yes please

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    zx10r, animal of a bike

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    ZX6R in green

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