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WHY do people associate S.Q.U.I.D riders with sports bikes?

In the Uk a SQUID is a SQUID stupidly quick under dressed imminently dead...

MOST in this weather I have seen were on CRUISERS .. ALL types

Few were on sports bikes and a the rest were on naked's and scooters..( yup a scooter can be quick)

It scares me as having worked teaching kids to ride and showing them the results of road ABRASION they all look serious go outside and then load their jackets into the luggage and ride home in t shirt as if there was a bubble of armour around them.

There are two one on a CBR900 and another on a GSXR1000 that persistently drive round my town. they have now been joined by a third on a hyabusa trike and now it is endemic amongst the lesser riders.

This week I saw a girl in a pair of sports shorts and a gym top and trainers her only concession was a skid lid ( required by law) on a scooter exposed vulnerable and a reminder of one of the worst accidents i have ever seen in my 46 years..


Most of my work takes me onto "A" roads and Motorways.. In these circumstances I've seen guys/ Girls in short sleeved / T Shirts and Shorts.. The higher proportion were on cruisers than any other bike.

My annecdotal evidence relates to a SMALL hampshire town ( 15,000 pop)with one high street and a very small shopping centre. IT is not representative of what I've seen on the A30 A303 M3 M4 A34 M27.. Ok.. so please don't be picky...!

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STUPIDLY QUICK isn't a measure of accelleration, it is the way that they were driving in the conditions, "Filtering" at 70+ when traffic is travelling at less than 50mph. Is STUPID and QUICK in my book

Perbarui 3:

No i'm not into "NANNY STATE"

No I'm not into forcing people to wear leathers, nor adverse protection,

In this weather i wear a RICHA air jacket and kevlar Jeans but I'm fully armoured and road rash resitant ( both have been road tested by me)

Yup the A30 is a great road if you like roman roads "straight" B3400 is mostly restricted.

The A350 and the A354 A36 Warminster blandford Salisbury triangle ands the A360 across salisbury plain are better roads less restricted. Yup been to thruxton for the BSB and also seen the effects of BERKS who think they are valentino or nikki or carl and the remains after; in that i too agree.

BARRY SHEENE invented body armour and he suffered for the faith, Turned motorcycling (and racing) into a safer survivable sport my bike is my way of life.. I don't want to lose that

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    SQUID is a US term, I have rarely heard it in the UK.

    The nanny state is giving us enough grief, if someone wants to check out the sympathy and care of an NHS A&E then that is up to them – yes, it is going to hurt and possibly scar them permanently, but if you and others have told them the risk and they choose to ignore it, they have made their own choice.

    I would not like to be told (or required) to wear full leathers all the time, I am quite content to risk my skin in jeans, helmet, gloves and leather jacket.

    Your point about cruisers is rather lost when your anecdotal evidence is of three sportsbikes and a scooter – check out the stats in the latest edition of Bike magazine – those that kill themselves are predominantly on sportsbikes, followed by riders on sports tourers (and most of them involved in single vehicle accidents). I don't ride a cruiser and have no intention of doing so (although I have tried a few) but “stupidly quick” is not really something you can apply to them – underbraked, poorly suspended might apply (in some of the cases I have ridden).

    EDIT: Check out the A303 when BSB is on at Thruxton, then you will see stupid, better yet, try the A30 and B3400 for the “clever” ones who take it to avoid the speed camera vans that plot up on the M3 and A303 – dressed up in the latest Rossi-rep leathers, squaring off corners, panic braking and scaring hedges – all the gear and no idea (another US import, I believe).

    In my book “stupidly quick” is going too fast for the road conditions – I agree that cruisers can go too fast for the conditions (the same as scooters can), but given the relative rarity of cruisers you are far more likely to see a sportsbike being ridden by someone in a t-shirt than any other bike.

    Either way do you want legislation to force leathers on everyone?

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    stupidly quick under dressed imminently dead = sports bike

    You can't sum up a guy on a crotch rocket any better that that. reading the paper, and looking at the crash statistics out of my area there were a total of 43 motorcycle crashes last year. Of the 43, 4 were cruisers. The rest were all crotch rockets. Excessive speed, little or no training on any kind of motorcycle, and riding irresponsibly were all common causes in the crashes. For the cruiser category, there were two that involved someone without right of way pulling right in front of them, and one was hit from behind. Only one cruiser accident was a single vehicle, and he was going too fast for conditions since it was raining.

    Basically the people doing the dumb sh!t are all involved in one type of riding, sports bikes. That is why folks associate the term squid with sports bikes.

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    I've always associated squid with gear more than speed, but I guess I should amend that. True that sport bike riders are up on the speeding department, cruiser riders take the 'under geared' crown, though. They each have their defense. Sport biker is usually young, delusions of grandeur and rides fast/dangerously. Under geared cruiser guy many are out more for the image.

    The sad fact of it is that the roads today are now infinitely more dangerous than yesteryear. With mini-van/SUV driving, sexting, make up putting on, cell phone using soccer moms, old people with poor hand-eye and depth perception, drunks, road rage and just plain old guys who think this is NASCAR motorcyclist have more to watch of for than every before. Sadly, they just don't care. The thought of falling or crashing doesn't even enter their minds.

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    Nice acronym but unfortunately a false one. File it under urban legend or some what. The term SQUID was originally coined in California to refer to canyon racers on their sport bikes. It simply meant 'squirrely kid'. It was later that folks, thinking they were clever, added a word for each letter of the term. Whatever, it has come to mean certain reckless attitude toward a sport which can be unforgiving of ANY carelessness or inattention.

    Sumber: BTDT
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    If you are a hunter #1 do you enter the woods with full head to toe body armour and #2 are you disgusted by those squids that don't #3 do you share your thoughts with people with loaded guns? #4 maybe you could mind your own business. eh? if you can't handle the risk on a motorized vehical maybe you could walk.

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    Regardless of the acronym,, in the U.S. SQUID has come to mean " One who rides too fast for the environment ( Wheelies in a school zone or stoppies in the the market parking lot) "

    It also means " One who rides beyond their ability or who has way too much bike for their skill level."

    Those types are just drawn to sport bikes like flies to shyt.

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    Used a lot of word to say very little I think - a **** is a **** regardless of what they ride.If a rider wants to be stupid & dangerous the best thing to do is get away from them & let the road cleaning crews worry about them.

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    huh what? squids are associated with crotch rocketeers because most bikers dont excessively speed while weaving in and out of traffic and well. cruisers cant pull wheelies

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    The word squid is only for guys on sport bikes.

    If you are on a cruiser doing the same behavior the word is douche.

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    Being called a squid is still better than being called a HD fag.

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