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Is the mmorpg "Evony" a good game?

I've seen tons of ads for that mmorpg "Evony", and I was just wondering if it was suitable for someone 13 years old. If not, please suggest other great mmorpgs for my age.

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    As with many things in life, a little patience is required with Evony, especially at the start, but it can be a lot of fun, easpecially once you get into a good aliance and start having huge battles with rivals involving hundreds of armies!

    That said, if you want instant gratification (as most peopole seem to want to these days) it's probably not for you.

    The great thing is it's free and you don't need to install anything. You can even earn game coins just by referring new players at i-evony. See my site for details

    Sauniere (World6, T.P.R.)

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    Evony is an okay game, really if you have time to waste, and want to read guys yelling at each other, I say go for it. But if not, don't >>

    Because really you can only do so many things at once in the game, and a lot of times just upgrading buildings can take up to 37 hours+ ( from what I have seen). Plus you only get 7 days of not being attack by people, before you have to join an alliance.

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    Check out the link, there are more information about Evony, including guides, reviews, and so on. Good luck ~

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    Dizzywood is a great game for kids 13 years old. It is age appropriate and monitored and safe and the kids love it.

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    Hello Kitty Island Adventure is an appropriate mmorpg for someone at the age of 13.

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    I actually just downloaded it and tried to play it last night. It is INTENSELY boring. Boring beyond boring. Save yourself the time of downloading it, and just watch some mushrooms grow or something. You'd have more fun doing that.

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    hi. i might prefer to furnish to you Istaria as a instruction manual. you could create a demo account and play as a human loose continuously. in case you elect later you will possibly prefer to subscribe, you have the potential to open up plots, different races, and playable dragons to your self.

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