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invader zim episodes?

does anyone know where i can download invader zim episodes? or if someone would be nice enough to email a few to or send them to me on msn or AIM

AIM: ffs eat curb


or if someone knows a website or something please tell me :) i want to put them on my blackberry

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    sorry i dont know where to download them but you can watch them online at my blog

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    you ought to objective to cajole the sequence writer to evaluate engaging in it, yet even then you will nonetheless choose a pair hundred thousand money to hand to offer those episodes. on the different hand, the writer of yet another unfairly canned US caricature: "Undergrads" truly needs to make a 2nd season, yet he needs greater followers help for the tutor to cajole studios to fincance it. I advise you to objective it out, that is an exceedingly exciting sequence that merits a 2nd season (no longer that Zim does not, i admire IZ very lots, yet possibilities of recent episodes being made are merely approximately 0).

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    Try limewire, frostwire, or iMesh or any other file sharing program. You can download them from there but it'll take a while.

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