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Whats wrong with Limewire?

I want to burn a CD from Limewire but even if i search for Britney spears nothing comes up .... Ive used limewire before and i had no problems with it but the last couple of days it cant find anything. Help?

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    i'm assuming it is the recent limewire 5. besides you may substitute your seek view by using ability of between the buttons interior the best good hand nook, it provides the alternative of viewing your seek ends up in classic view that's the single you need to click on, and the 2d button is checklist view, which isn't so good. additionally try using the strengthen seek determination interior the drop down menu next to the enter container the place you form what you opt for to seek for. in my view i think of that all and sundry they did with this new limewire replaced into that they made it look somewhat extra desirable and tried to confuse the crap out human beings by using moving issues around. i could recommend which you get carry of the previous version because it fairly is larger and much less complicated. And for the 2d area of your question, it nonetheless keeps the song there, via fact once you place it up the two you or limewire set a get carry of holiday spot folder, which isn't appropriate the the limewire software folder, so hence once you uninstall limewire it ignores what you have earlier downloaded. i wish this solutions your question. good success.

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    You can download a free version of winrar here:

    Winrar is a very good program to unzip files and to decompress a bunch of other formats. You can use also 7zip or winzip for the same purpose but I believe that winrar is the best option. All these programs are very similar (you can compress/decompress files with a simple right click).

    The great things is that winrar is free (you can download the trial version that never expires) and it can open all compressed formats: .zip, .rar, .7z / 7zip, .iso, .tar, .jar etc. (much more than the other programs).

    That's why I strongly recommend Winrar

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    Stay away from Limewire can mess up your PC

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    Wait for it to load. In the bottom left corner (of Limewire 5 Pro), there should be a sort of connection update. If you search while it still says "Connecting..." you're not going to get anything. Wait for it to establish connection (Sharing 1 file) before searching anything.

    That might not be the case with you, but I dunno, give it a shot.

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    Its the same with me (:

    I think its down to the legal action for downloading.

    I now use Bitlord.

    Its a torrent downloaded and basically I just visit and search what I want. Download the file then open it in bitlord. You can have movies, games, pictures, FULL ALBUMS, all sorts.

    Plus its more or less legal.

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    You are better off using sharing sites or sites like these that give you links to sharing sites.

    As an alternative you can download video/music for free from this site that are in the format of MP3's, the only issue with them is that they are in rar files and need to be extracted with winrar software.

    You can get winrar software from here. or here Free music you can get from here refer you to and as a free user you can only down load every

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    try a program called "Vuse" (formally Azurez) its fantastic for downloading albums, films, discography's, ANYTHING!!!

    well im going to stop giving praise before i start to sound like an advertisement lol but seriously i love it!! lol

    and the logo is a frog =]

    Sumber: experience with other crappy downloading agents =/
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    dont use limewire. you'll get viruses, trust me. use another program. doesnt itunes do that? ik the zune software does it.

    Sumber: dad's a computer repair person, it happens alllll the time.
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    I use Utorrent, but i run it through piratebay and isohunt. You can get full albums thru this site.

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