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What's a good MMORPG online game for kids that's also "safe".?

My kids have gotten to a point that they really like online games, primarily for the social interactions with people they've never met. My question is; can anyone give suggestions or reasons as to why some are better then others? I'm not too concerned over gameplay, but rather chat environments, moderation and content. I like the type of games that have preset comments and replies, but I would be interested in games that include that kind of chat as well as open chat in the event that the environment is child-friendly enough. So far, my kids have tried out Fusion Fall and Toontown Online. Any others?

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    Club Penguin, Moshi Monsters, Maple Story, Wizard101

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    I found a game a few weeks ago called 'Wizards 101' and I found it to be very fun (even though it is a children's MMORPG and I'm a little old for it). In a way, it reminded me of Toontown. There is a similar layout and design in the two games.

    Wizards 101's story line is pretty much a Harry Potter meets World of Warcraft for kids ages 13 and under. You have to complete quests and kill monsters, and in a way it is very strategic, but also there is little to no graphic bloodshed or anything inappropriate for children.

    To do with safety: Wizards 101 basically has the same chat setup as Toontown. It is a little different though. When you first set up your account at the beginning, you (your child) is asked to enter your age. If that age is under 13, then you can only chat with the words on the chat list that are selected for you (it is almost the exact same chat list as Toontown). Also, you can only talk to people ages 12 and under who are using the chat bar. If you are 13 and older, then you may type whatever you like to whomever you like without the limitations of a chat bar, but only players ages 13 and older will be able to read and respond to what you are typing.

    And best of all, Wizards 101 (a basic account) is free! There are some upgrades that you have to pay for but you can find ways to still play the game to its full extent without having to pay those unnecessary fees.

    I hope this helped and best of luck to finding a good MMORPG! =]

    Sumber: I've played Toontown, World of Warcraft, and Wizards 101.
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    I think you're limited mostly to those two games.

    Free Realms is also a pretty good one that's pretty kid friendly, but it's become very popular which means more people, which in turn means a higher chance of meeting some not-so-nice people.

    Final Fantasy XI is a good socializing game. Mainly because the game forces you to group up with people in order to play the game. The gameplay is pretty harsh, but as a result people tend to be friendlier and more social because grouping is such a big component.

    World of Warcraft can also have as much socializing as Final Fantasy XI, but because there are SO many people playing, it's nearly impossible not to run into someone rude or antagonizing. There is a language filter, but I would only suggest this if you'd be playing alongside them to help monitor them.

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    Depending on the age of your kids I would definitely recommend World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft commonly referred to as WOW, is arguably the most popular MMORPG. There are around 11 Million players on the game and there are a bunch of different servers you can play on. You can chat, quest and also join guildes with many different players and the content is world class. One great thing to the game is you may set parental filters to the game where you can allow your child to play only when you have selected. For example if you do not want them up all night, you can put a filter on there for say 11pm. At 11pm they will automatically be signed out and may not be able to sign back into the game until you allow. The filter can be put til say 7am and they will not be able to get back on the game until 7am. So from between those hours the kids cannont play the game. This is a good feature if you want to monitor your kids playing time. Blizzard is the maker of this game and they usually know what they are doing when it comes to this sort of thing. The only downside is that it costs $14.95/ month which you can either pay for month to month or you can buy prepaid game cards that last for a selected period of time and will run out after they have been activated and the game period has ended.

    Sumber: www.worldofwarcraft.com
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    There isn't many MMORPGs for kids to be honest.. you can have a nice community but there will always be that one small group of asses. if you're willing to ignore that



    Ragnarok Online

    World of Warcraft

    are probably the most popular MMORPGs

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    Hm... Not really a fan of this game but:I used to like it as a kid.

    Maple Story

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    world of warcraft


    adventure quest

    maple story

    dragon fable

    for younger kids

    seeds of time online

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    FreeRealms is a good one.

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