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How can I get paid to write articles or other writing assignments?

im 17 and I need a job that will allow me to write articles or anything else. it can also be a job that is either avaible on online or in real life. I like writing and I want a job that allows me to write about anything and get paid for it.

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    You could try the website, they pay for certain articles.

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    Go to Put your location in (city, state, and zip code), and they will list all available jobs within 150 miles of your hometown.Look specifically for FREELANCE WRITING, or something similar, and put that in the search area. They will list any and all companies wanting certain articles and how much they pay for it. But, as Writer's Digest says, be sure to write about what you know about. For instance, if you have never been an astronaut, do not write about taking a trip to the moon.

    Yahoo search has 2,320,000 listings for freelance writing assignments (2.3 million). Google has 15.1 million listings

    Sumber: Yahoo and Google searches
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    Do you are one of the men and women who dislike doing work for a person else? You want the freedom to earn you personal cash, make a lot more cash, or earn a passive earnings, folks who want to go about an honest way of making money on the web

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    To start making money as a freelance writer,

    You can't miss this opportunity


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    Check out Writer's Market. You can read a copy in the public library. It will tell you who is buying what.

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