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mmorpg game free to play?

im looking for a mmorpg game

i liked wow rom pwi jd and linage

so if you have games that are fun have rich community and loads of stuff to do like quests skills wepeons armors

and is free to play


i played runescape for 3 years...

but i quit 2 years ago

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  • Daniel
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    Fallen Sword is a very nice web browser based MMORPG


    From the introduction of the game:

    Fallen Sword is a highly addictive, continuously evolving massively multiplayer roleplay game where you join players across the globe in a world of fantasy and adventure. Traverse vast areas ranging from the Misty Mountains to the mighty City of Xinderoth and beyond. You will battle countless creatures such as Dragons, Zombie Kings, Undead Warriors, Giant Scorpions and defeat them to gain powerful items to arm yourself with as you walk the realms in search of adventure and glory.

    You will also be able to engage in combat with other players, become a bounty hunter, craft and create your own items, and engage in countless quests. You are also able to join one of many thousands of player-created guilds where you can meet like minded players and team up to defeat champion and elite creatures. Guilds can store or borrow items and construct guild structures giving its members considerable advantage, strengthening the player to face the horrors found in the world of Fallen Sword.

  • Anonim
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    The game I'm most addicted to is Legend: Legacy of the Dragons is a free-to-play, browser-based MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) anyone can play online with flash, and you don't miss any features if you don't pay into the game

    The game you can choose to be 1 of 2 races, you complete quests and fight monsters for armour and items, then you can battle people from the other race in the battlefields. Game just got a great update to it and its not a new game tons of players been around about 2 years on an English server. You can chat with people of your own race, form groups for fighting and join clans as well.

    use the below link to go to the sign up page and links to info about the game


  • 6 tahun yang lalu

    If you want a good browser game, I would check out MythicReign. It is a brand new game, lots of pvp and other activities as well such as quests, guilds, and daily challenges. It is free to play and there is no download required, you can check it out here- http://www.mythicreign.com/newplayer.php?id=1808

  • Darth
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    Maplestory is currently the top free to play mmo out there with the biggest community to date


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  • Anonim
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    Try Free Realms


    It has really huge community and lots of things to do.

    I also recommend Drift City.

    It's a MMO Racing game.


    (But it is unavailable for a while - they are doing something with their servers)

    Check Perfect World. It's similar to WoW and it's free.


  • liam k
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    Go at http://www.freemmogamer.com you will find the best free MMORPG with lots of info updated every day!

    Have fun!

  • Anonim
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    I usually go to http://www.mmosite.com and http://www.bbgsite.com to find free mmorpgs, they have all kinds of games, i m sure you could find a fun one there :D

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    www.runescape.com is AWESOME. There is a never-ending amount of things to do. You can get tons of armor, weapons, and if your a member you can even get pets. I play it a lot. I am level 64.

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    Never ask this question. Opinions vary

    You choose from this list:


    Hope i helped :)

    Sumber: I'm a mmorpg gamer.
  • Mika K
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    Sumber: Search and ye shall find!
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