If Filipinos are Asian AND Spanish mix then What kind of ASIAN were we BEFORE the Hispanics came in?..Chinese?

so yeah.. were we Chinese asian? Japanese Asian? what were we?? (im Filipino) and im really curious. Most Filipinos ive talked to couldnt quite answer this. :) the Truth please!! Philippines FTW! :D

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    Good question bro and you have every right to know your ancestral origins and heritage. To answer your question, NO Filipinos were never Asians or Mongoloid. But lets look at where the name Filipino comes from. Most people don't know this or don't emphasize on it too much, but the first people to be called Filipinos were the white Spaniards who colonized the islands. They called themselves Filipinos after naming the colonized islands after King Philip II of Spain. Then the Christianized indigenous natives were called by it. After the islands broke free from Spain and to be later occupied by the Japanese and Americans, they stuck to the name considering all natives indigenous to the land a Filipino including the non-Christians.

    The only reason why people MISTAKENLY think Filipinos are Mongoloid Asians, is because after WWII the bloody thieving colonialists divided up the world into contents based on their wrongful political views and own greedy interests, instead of basing it on commonalities of race, culture, language and genetics. The islands are pretty diverse even from the begging. Oh boi L☺s got it right, most Filipinos are Austronesian which is another word for Malayo-Polynesia. But did you know that there are black people who were indigenous to islands as well, who had been there for thousands of years? You could be mixed with some Astrolo-Melanesian too, like myself. There are many people out there who try to label Filipinos something else and they always gets it wrong. You can't believe everything you hear and there are a lot of inaccurate sources out there. The history of the islands is deep, if you want here are some links you can look up, these are accurate:


    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail



    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail








    This also goes out to all Filipinos and non/Filipinos regardless of how much you know, because the knowledge I've just shared is truth.

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    Asian Hispanic Mix

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    Filipinos although bordering between east Asia and pacific island region are Asians in my opinion. 95% of Filipinos have no Spanish blood or diluted and gone. I learned from my own that we as a nation lost our identity and thus became the most insecure group of people on earth. We are aisians at least I know I am. My family is deeply rooted in this nation's history of struggle for self identity and independence in the late 1800s though I look Chinese. If the spaniards came they kept to themselves mostly but the Chinese did everyone making every other race mixing irrelevant. We are Asians.

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    Were Asians because we live in Asia. We were according to theory of Malay descent and ******. We're Austronesian. Somewhere between those lines. However, when we were colonized our lineage got mixed with Spanish, later Americans, and Japanese. They were already Chinese in the Philippines because we traded with them. However, only in the Spanish era did we intermarry with them. They were also Filipinos born from nearby countries such as Brunei and other Sultanatos (Those who were under Islam Rule). We are a mix.

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    If Filipinos are Asian AND Spanish mix then What kind of ASIAN were we BEFORE the Hispanics came in?..Chinese?

    so yeah.. were we Chinese asian? Japanese Asian? what were we?? (im Filipino) and im really curious. Most Filipinos ive talked to couldnt quite answer this. :) the Truth please!! Philippines FTW! :D

    Sumber: filipinos asian spanish mix kind asian hispanics chinese: https://biturl.im/mCHYP
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    No, we are not belong to the spanish-asian because we don't speak Spanish anymore but some words are derived from the Spanish languages. We are belong to the ethnic group called Filipino mestizo.

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    NO. You're Fillipino anyway. WHo cares if you're part Hawaiian. You're still Fillipino before in your ancestry.

    Just like me, I'm descended from French people during the invasion of Vietnam. but i'm still Vietnamese

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    95% of Filipinos are not mixed with Spanish. You wish.

    • Yeah your right, they will tell you they are spanish because they want to be white like their european dogs that slaved them for 300 years. I have awoken and know the truth to why the spaniards forced everything on us just for their own greed and power. i say eff them they are scum

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    Filipinos are not Asian, first of all. You can go ahead and call yourself that but I've met a lot of filipinos who have publically denounced their supposed Asian heritage.

    Frankly, the true filipinos have been diluted out over the years. You really are just Spanish.

    • You my friend have been living in a place where they say that. Go to the real places where they are "filipinos" and they will tell you they are half spanish half chinese, when in reality we are Austronesians but they dont accept that because the culture has been wiped out ever since spain

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    dravidians, australoids/aboringes. At one point or another east asians came and mixed with them to create a "brown" race. Then the spanish came...

    You guys still are and always will be asian though, you are NOT latinos.

    Of course I am guessing

    • We are asian since our ancestors sailed from southern taiwan and sino tibetan chinese. those who call us Latinos are ignorant arses and should be beheaded

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