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Bisa minta tolong , yg jago English ?

Pleaseeee bantuin Saya >.<

Katanya anak K&A jago" Englishnya (Coz pd baca d OneManga)

Tolong dong Kalian bikin cerita tentang pengalaman kalian yg tak terlupakan pke English ,,, please,,,

paling lambat hari Sabtu nih dikumpulinnya

Jadi tolong ya , singkat juga gak apa"

Pertanyaan tentang Manga :

Manga bergenre Life School plg bagus ?


@ Nita & -DV- : Terima kasih atas sarannya, tp setelah di coba gak nyambung urutan kata"nya T^T

@ Sung Soo Sug & ♥ cYa- Cross ♥ : Nice stroy ^_^..... thnks yA

@ Jo : Masa ??? owwh ngarang yah , gila aja masa udah 1 smester u has no friend.

Kependekan nih , but thnks ya

Perbarui 2:

● Hikari Tsukiyomi _AVG_ ● : Thnx ya , 100 Thumbs Up for you

Perbarui 3:

♫♥--Mi_zU_Ka--♥♫ : Maaf banget ya ngerepotin,thnxx for your Funny Story ^^

Perbarui 4:

@ The Great Aragorn : Hihi ,u have great UNFORGETABLE EXPERIENCE , thnxx

@ Baka Pyon : haha , cursed batagor ,yes, i will remember this message "Don’t Ever Forget To Pay Everything you buy"

@ mey_chan : Gak apa" klo kepanjangan ?

nanti malah ngerepotin lg

@ Dejiko : TD for U

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    Hikari ikut jawab yaa ^^ .

    Gyaaaa ~ .

    Pengalaman yang tak terlupakan milik hikari adalah pengalaman memalukan >""< .

    Tapi gapapa hikari coba cerita pake english ya .

    Nanti kalo merasa hikari kurang sreg silakan diganti .

    Maklum baru 3 smp XD .

    (Ini jenisnya recount)

    3 years ago when I was an elementary student, I was just a child that can't use english .

    One day, the teacher chose me to read the question no.7 .

    The sentence was : I'm sorry, I'm very busy .

    Actually, the word 'busy' must be read by "bizy" .

    But I read it wih "basi" .

    Suddenly, all of my friends in the class laugh on me .

    Then my teacher said that it must be read by "bizy" .

    It was so embarrassed me ! .

    However, that's my experience .

    If I didn't read it, maybe until now I still read it with "basi" .

    Kalo ada yang salah tolong dikoreksi ~ .

    Maklum ya kalo masih salah" >""< .

    Sekiaaaaan ~ .

    Arigato pertanyaannya ^^ .


    gomen nasai hikari lupa sama sekali sama pertanyaan animanga nya =3= .

    Anime genre school life yang bagus ? hmm ...

    ==> Shugo Chara!!

    ==> Special A

    ==> School Rumble

    ==> Fruits Basket

    ==> Vampire Knight

    ==> Gakuen Alice

    de el el saking banyaknya animanga genre school life XD .

    sekiaaaan ~ ^^ .

    Sumber: Pyon pyon ~ fumu fumu ~ yeah yeah XD @ penanya : waah, baguslah kalo patrick-san senang haha :D . Yup, douitashimashite ^^ .
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    Oke, nih :


    One night, I went to an Internet Rental. After I came in, I chose the computer I wanted to rent, then I logged on.

    I opened the Internet Browser, then I typed this letter in address bar : "", and I logged in on the site.

    I clicked the category "Komik dan Animasi", then I saw an asker asked this question : "Bisa minta tolong , yg jago English ?", and I clicked it.

    I was interested with the question and answered it.

    That's all of My Unforgetable Experience. Thank You...

    Manga Life School, "K-On" aja deh...

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    well, I'll tell my story every day by using English language ^ ^

    This is my first experience:

    "When I found out the name Anime and manga" maybe a little bit long, yes

    then, some years ago when I was still sitting in the "Elementary School (SD)". I do not know the name anime and manga, only limited know about teen novels usual. that time, I went to the bookstore near my school, and its profit can read there for free .. even need to pay too (cuman his place for free, he he he: D) there is anime and manga, a comic title that his tuh if one's guns "Pandora Hearts or not naruto". nah, I just read the manga, I was quite interested in the comic that follows the anime and manga series until now. and that's when the days I was without anime and manga before, now became known. and became a lover of Japanese anime and manga ..

    not only that, I was also almost like the anime magazines and manga. as Nakayoshi gress, Nakayoshi Lovely, star shounen, shounen magzz, etc. ..:)


    Kalau menurut aku sih, anime dan manga bergenre School Life terbagus itu :

    :: AAA

    :: Giri Koi

    :: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - Utsutsukowashi

    :: Hayate No Gotoku

    :: KeiON!

    :: Kannagi

    :: Kodomo No Jikan

    :: Koko Ni iru yo

    :: Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, The

    :: Prince of tennis

    :: Ouran High host club

    :: School Days

    :: Special A

    :: Tora dora

    :: Watashi ni XX Shinasai!

    :: Vampire Knight

    :: Ultra Maniac


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    Konbanwa ~

    Hi, okay, I had often read online Scanlation with english,

    haha but it seems not guarantee the quality of the language

    I =_= "hahaha .. because if my everyday speak only French or Indonesia,

    and very rarely speak english so sorry if there is one word.

    My experience is unforgettable as the first secondary school time. Hahaha .. if I told you might like to write a diary, an unforgettable experience is when someone reveals that he likes me, hohoho ~ I was so shocked bolted it.

    And whether my expression was like what time. ckckck and end the next day it was so difficult, because he bench with me, After a week of his hanging the end I refused and said to be a friend ~ hahaha .. It is the experience of the less obvious but he's still a good attitude as usual, I think I annoyed him was rejected LOL

    School life favourite ku :

    -Vampire knight

    -W juliet

    -Ouran highschool hostclub

    -Beyond the blindfold

    -Detective conan

    -Gakuen alice

    -Tantei gakuen Q

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    coba kamu tulis pengalamanmu. lalu km krm ke mail Mey.

    nanti Mey coba bantu terjemahkan.

    maav cm bisa bantu begini

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  • Pyonta
    Lv 4
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    i wanna tell about my bad luck story T_T

    13 September 2007, i buy batagor in front of my school. It's my fave food^^. I always like to buy it everyday. But, that day, i felt so bad after ate that batagor. I think, "why my stomach was like wanna exploded?"

    When I think, I realized that I didn’t pay that batagor. Haha… So, that’s the cursed of batagor. The Next day, I searched for the batagor seller. But I can’t find anywhere. And after that, I always forgot to pay the batagor.

    13 Oktober 2007, I go to warnet and playing game online until evening. After I pay the bill, I decided to back home, but when I go outside, I realized my shoes was gone! Haah…. My friend laugh so loud to me. It was embarrassed!!!

    I back to home without shoes!!!! Can you imagine that? It was really embarrassed… T_T

    And I think the cursed of batagor always come every 11-12-13 every month. So, I never go out on that day.

    It’s true story, the message of the story is: Don’t Ever Forget To Pay Everything you buy. Hahaha ….

    *sorisori kalo rada aneh (i'm bad at english, especially the PAST TENSE)

    Manga bergenre School-Life plg bagus ?

    ➨ Kimi ni Todoke

    ➨ School Rumble

    ➨ Kochimutte Mikko!

    ➨ Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei^^

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    I was a new student, and i has no friend when it. When i tried to friendly with them, there are 40 student and i has friends when smester 2...


    Sbnrnya gw ngarang sich...

    Captain tsubasa...

    Sumber: Ya~ha
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    Tugas bahasa inggris ya?

    Iyatuh, gampang pakai google translate.

    School life?

    >School rumble lucu, tp endingnya agak aneh

    >K-ON bagus

    >Koko ni iru yo! Bagus juga, tapi komik ini seleranya cewek-cewek

    > negima?! walau campur aduk genrenya, tapi termasuk school life. Keren kok

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    My First Cake

    All of the ingredients have been set up. After mixed sugar, shortening, baking powder, salt, rum essence and vanilla, I put 8 egg yolk inside.... wow what a delicious smell.

    But then I put rum essence into egg white.... after mixing for an hour, the white has not come to an up. What's wrong?

    So, I divided egg yolks and egg whites again, after 8 whites, I started to mix them with anxiety.

    Yippy, they all rose. So, I mixed the dough with the yolks and the white with hand then put the low protein wheat flour inside mixed with hand or manual.

    After baking for 25 minutes, hmm, still to tough but it's okay. Next time will be better.

    Anime with the best life school genre:

    Slam Dunk

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    buat garap tugas english iia????


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