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Thinking about a Bike, What do you think?

Ok here is the situation:

I will be moving in the next couple months and currently own an Audi A4 that is getting pretty old and expensive to repair. The commute to work will go from 2 miles round trip to 40 miles.

Because of this sudden jump in mileage I figure a motorcycle would be financially smart in the long run. I have never owned one, have had little and far spread experience riding one, and worry that despite how careful I am some crazy driver will plow into me somewhere along the way and I will regret the whole thing(my mom has always told me horror stories about her brothers and their bikes).

My commute takes place at 3:30am and I return by noon. The freeway I would take is never heavily congested even on a sunny weekend(if you want to check out the road its highway 101 in between San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria in California)

For those of you experienced riders, what do you think about this riding situation. Should I not worry too much?

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    I think a motorcycle would be good for you. You should first get proper training at a training facility. Then buy a beginner bike(seeing as you live in America, buy a 500cc or similar capacity to start with) and full gear: Helmet, jacket, pants gloves and boots. Play it safe. Before you start riding to work, take some time; as long as you need, to get used to the handling characteristics of the bike. for a 40 mile long trip buy a type of bike that is comfortable for that purpose. I'd pick a cruiser or sport tourer in your case. I ride standard/naked bikes for myself. When you ride always be vigilant of traffic because car drivers will make mistakes. Always give drivers plenty of room. My reflexes and vigilance saved me more than once on the road. My own mom worries about me riding but i ride anyway for the same reasons that you are looking into motorcycling(Sold a V8 toyota soarer gas guzzler). At the end of the day all we can do is to take as many precautions as we can and protect ourselves to the best of our ability. Just dont get a bike thats too powerful to begin with. Thats a big mistake.

    Anyway good luck with your decision. If you do choose to ride then ride safe and take it easy.

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    First, looking at 40-70mpg on a bike and $70-$250 a year on insurance, you'd be a fool not to ride. Your times of your commute make it that you won't be dealing with "rush hour" traffic where people drive crazy. I've owned motorcycles for the last 10 years, and for two years only owned a motorcycle and no car. I'm in New York, so in rain, snow, ice, sub-zero temps, etc., this was my transportation. Never have I been hit by anybody, but I'm adamant about leaving a buffer zone and keeping myself overly aware of my surroundings. I have a family to live for, so that's paramount. Leave yourself 20-30 ft. on each side if possible so you have an "escape" if somebody doesn't see you and turns or merges toward you. I've had close calls and had to come to a stop a few times because some people are oblivious, but if you keep it at a normal speed, keep a buffer, and constantly be aware of where all the cars around you are, you'll be fine.

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    If there is any place in the world where you can own a bike and get by without a car, it's Central California. The riding situation is pretty congenial, except that I would not be too keen on getting up in the middle of a rainy November night and jumping on a bike. Still, if you have good riding gear, it's doable.

    The thing that gives me pause is your lack of experience. For a committed motorcyclist, I'd say go for it. (Actually, an experienced, committed rider would not even have to ask.) Your own hesitation is the reason for my hesitation. Riding requires a confident mind-set. Of course, the only way you will get that confidence is through experience. There, that's all the worrying you need to do. Just do it.

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    Keep the Audi as backup for poor weather.

    Instead of just making the jump to a constant commute on a motorcycle, make it a transition.

    As far as riding in sunny CA during low-traffic conditions, that's a no-brainer in my mind.

    Be aware, though: I was commuting for two hours (each way) in crappy New England weather.

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    My missus commutes 48 miles (round trip), every day, on a motorcycle While our daughter worked with her, she either rode two-up or rode her own.

    Go for it. If you take the MSF course and use the skills you're taught.

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    You are crazy. Stay in a car at least until you have passed a riders course and gained at Least a year of riding experience.

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  • Patt
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    Thats a nice time to cruise on a bike.but it would suck in the rain at night.

  • Bob A
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    If fear is your only hold back GET OVER IT!! You can't live in fear.

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