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Is the Ninja 650R and the ER-6N the same bike (except one is naked; one isn't)?

the salesman told me it was the same exact bike. Except the faring is removed on the Er-6n.

I am looking at the 2009 models. The have them on sale. I can get a new ER-6n for $4400 plus tax,

and the 650R for $5200 plus tax. The bikes feel different to me, though. They do not feel like the same size bikes. Are there any differences in the sizes of the bikes, handlebars, etc?

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    Yes, the bars on the ER6N are different, they are clamp on bars and the 650R have allen bolts that go into the triples. The ER6N's bars sit a little higher up. Other than the bars, the dimensions of the bike are the same.

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