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Dedicated to "Jon": What about these bikes?

Jon, thanks for answering my question. Here I need to know again, and you know how to answer it, and what I want to know:

2010 Honda CB1000

2010 Yamaha FZ1 (the naked version, no fazer)

2010 Kawasaki Z1000

One more thing: Would you give good suggestion, which bike out of three above, and any other bikes (naked ones) that you say are faster and have better looks with much less than the Ducati I asked about, like you said in your answer?

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    If you like badass naked bikes, check out the bmw k1200r or k1300r. I have a k1200s (the full fairing version of the k1200r ) and it outperforms all 3 of the bikes you listed. Give it a look.

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  • jon
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    The FZ1 has 148 HP, 78 Ft/lbs torque @ 11000 rpms

    The CB1000: Torque: 99 Nm (73.02 lb-ft) @ 7750 rpm

    Power: 125.09 HP (92 kW) @ 10000 rpm

    The Z1000: Torque: 99.1 Nm (73.09 lb-ft) @ 7800 rpm

    Power: 138 HP (101.5 kW) @ 9600 rpm

    So overall the FZ1 is going to be the fastest of the 3.

    As for my response in the earlier post, I wasnt specifically pointing towards naked bikes. but the Z1000 or the FZ1 would be a better buy in my eyes. Cheaper parts, and service is much cheaper as well. Everything on Duc's is always expensive.

    Faster naked bike? How about the Suzuki B-King? You have to keep in mind, there are not many naked bikes in the 1100 cc class too.

    I would buy a BMW S1000RR over one of those Ducati's.

    BMW specs: 193bhp and 83lb/ft of torque @ 10500 rpm <-------------and its not even an 1100cc and about $5000 US cheaper.

    Also, I am in the US, so the bikes that you have listed (except the Z1000) are not available here in the states (yet?)

    Sumber: Honda & Suzuki Service Technician Graduate of MMI (Motorcycle Mechanics Institute) Phoenix Az. 25+ years riding experience
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    2010 Honda CB1000

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    Just keep in mind that higher horsepower alone doesn't mean that bike will be faster. There's other things that come into play such as the number of gears in the tranny, the ratios of those gears, the bike's weight, frontal area and so on.

    Also know that torque figures can be very misleading and a higher torque figure doesn't necessarily mean more hp. Torque without rpm means absolutely nothing. For example, 25 lb-ft @ 6000 rpm=28.6 hp. 50 lb-ft @ 2000 rpm=19 hp. See what I mean? Torque without an rpm reference means nothing. Regardless of the rpm, the torque peak is the rpm where the engine makes the most power with the fewest rpms, in other words that's it's most efficient rpm (for making power).

    Power, torque and all that stuff alone isn't what you should be basing your bike purchase on. More important is whether you see the bike as good looking, how it fits you physically and will it do what you need for it to do. That's what gets me, sport bike riders think Harley riders are idiots for riding big heavy bikes that are slow and low in power in comparison to their bikes. What they fail to see is that for cruising and especially for touring, that big slow turning engine is better suited for relaxed, no shifting riding than their engines are and the heavy weight makes for a smoother ride and much less butt burn on a 500 mile day. In short, don't worry about the power figures of those bikes, but instead choose the bike that appeals to you and fits you best.

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