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Superbikes Ducati 848, 1098,1198 or MV Agusta F4 1000?

Wanting a bike, and not sure which of these would present the better experience

I want/need lots of power, Speed, and good handles. A bike that would be good on and off the track. Both brands of these bikes look great but Still would value any1s opinion on the styles. and open to suggestions if you think other bikes are better recommend them. But this would be my fist bike if I were to get either 1. So experienced Ducati and Agusta Owners, plz Weigh in.


I understand what most of you are saying. I have heard that b4 and still hasnt ran me way. I hav a M license. But I want to my first bike that "I OWN" to be either of these. Im not an Idiot so believe me when I say I know what Im getting myself into and any mistakes will be completely based on me. So I would like to have opinons on either of these bikes. Just the bikes

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  • Anna
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    it sounds to me like this is your first bike and if it is I've gotta tell you that both of those are no good for a beginner rider.

    I've ridden all of those bikes and all of them are quite a handful... although the MV was the most work to ride.

    ok, so here is my suggestion: go to a couple of local dealerships and ask to ride a couple of bikes, I think that you should go for something more in the middle range of power because they're easier to ride, you're less likely to get yourself into a bad situation with them and if a good experience is what you're looking for going for something that you can handle easily is going to be much more important than how much horsepower you have...

    I've really enjoyed my current bike which is a Triumph street triple (not the speed triple) because it goes fast, is easy to handle, the power is smooth, leans well, torquey, it's great fun... if you want the whole Ducati image, try going for a monster, I know that they're a bit smaller but they're still a lot of fun to ride, and a lot of times when you're riding on the street especially it's nice to have something a bit smaller and more manageable.

    If you're worried that you're not going to have enough power when you go to the track with a smaller bike, don't.. trust me, even if you're there with the most powerful bike that money can buy, you're not going to 1. be able to use it all because you're inexperienced and 2. you're DEFINITELY not going to be the fastest guy out there because you're inexperienced.

    go out and ride some bikes and pick the one that best fits you.

    and remember that more power does not necessarily equal more fun

  • Anonim
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    Don't start out on one of these bikes if you are a beginner. They are all very high performance bikes; things can happen very fast on very little throttle movement. If you are lucky, the learning curve will merely be expensive. It could be much worse.

    Take a good rider's course, like the MSF Beginning Riders' Course. Put in some seat time on something cheap and disposable, or get a dual purpose bike and learn to ride loose surfaces. Once your control skills are second nature then you can try something more exotic and high strung without being such an obvious candidate for the emergency room.

  • Anonim
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    Too many people look at this as a "by the numbers" decision. If price-performance is your number, look elsewhere (although Ducati's 1098 is a serious contender here). Japanese bikes are, hands down, better performers, more reliable, embody more of the latest technology, better aftermarket parts availability, are cheaper to run, maintain and own. etc, etc. However, many of them are about as exciting as a microwave. They lack soul, emotion, passion, character. And of course, everybody owns one and you can't tell one from another. Also, many of the Japanese superbikes are better machines than their riders...leading Suzuki to add gizmos which tame their superbikes down a bit to give "average" riders a chance at riding well on them (a good thing, imo). On the other hand, Italian bikes are beautiful, stirring, fussy, high maintenance, passionate, memorable (like several women I know). The tingle you get every time you ride is worth every penny. Chris ps. The Ferrari Enzo, Italy's penultimate supercar, is hugely expensive with absolutely outstanding performance. Very exclusive. Only 700 were made, and YOU didn't get to buy one just because you had the money. Ferrari CHOSE who got them....just proving that Italian machines are not about the numbers...they're about the lifestyle and the experience.

  • Sleepy
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    Do you know how to ride? Because if you did, you would know what it is that you want from a bike and therefore be asking different questions about the bikes you're interested in.

    If you don't, brace yourself for the amount of experienced riders who will tell you that none of the bikes you list are first bikes for anyone.

    Do what you will, I have to go riding.

    Sumber: 20 yrs on 2 wheels
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    You have more money than sense or experience. Would you let a learner driver use a Bugatti Veyron?

    If you think you could handle any of those bikes, you are sadly mistaken.

  • 10 tahun yang lalu

    Have you ever rode track?

    I think you would be better off with something to learn on.

    A cheap used rocket.

    everyone goes down my friend, just a matter of time before you will too.

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