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Possible Disadvantages of a Naked Bike Over a Faired Bike?

I want to get a Hornet 600cc after I get my full restricted (UK), in the summer.

But what are disadvantages of having a naked bike like the Hornet vs a faired bike like a CBR?

Not really looking in speed comparisons, and I am told that most Naked bikes are more comfortable as they are build for more road use rather than speed.

I also plan to get some 'drop bars' installed, so if I do drop it, it won't damage the engine.

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    There was a time when all bikes were "naked" bikes. Fairings were typically added by the owner to suit his purposes. Sport fairings as standard equipment have only been around for about twenty-five years, long enough, I guess, to make the naked bike seem a departure from the norm.

    Motorcycle fairings have two primary functions, rider protection and aerodynamics. On a racing motorcycle, aerodynamics and top speed are paramount. On a touring motorcycle, rider protection and comfort are most important.

    A naked bike sacrifices the benefits of a fairing in exchange for lighter weight and convenience. A naked bike is more of a runabout, suited better to shorter trips at more moderate speeds. The disadvantages are that top speed is limited by the poor aerodynamics relative to a faired sport bike with similar power, and the rider is subject to more discomfort and fatigue in sustained highway travel.

    Naked bikes have the potential to be more comfortable than sport bikes because they tend to have more neutral, upright riding positions which are naturally more comfortable than the sport bike crouch. But motorcycle comfort and ergonomics is a complex subject; it is difficult to generalize to say that naked bikes are more comfortable.

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    How fast do you ride, what sort of journeys are you intending doing?

    If you are just doing UK A & B roads in summer at sub legal speeds, naked will fine. But still wear a full face helmet, or you'll be eating bugs. Service costs will be cheaper if you don't DIY, as it can take ages to do a oil/plug service on a faired bike.

    If you intend doing a lot of fast M/way or fast A road work, get a faired bike, especially in the UK climate.

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  • Tim D
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    Weather protection is the main difference to the rider – since speed will be compromised by the restriction on whichever bike you choose. They do have a small fairing – a modern version of a fly screen – which apparently makes a difference, but I prefer the older round headlight style to the melted insect appearance of the new model. Riding any serious distance on a motorway will give your neck a workout, at least until you get used to the nature of the bike.

  • Dan H
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    It depends on what kind of riding you are going to be doing.

    If you are primarily commuting, short distance riding and mostly slower speed, a naked bike may be perfect.

    If you are primarily running long distance in all types of weather and doing a lot of sustained highway speeds, a naked bike is definitely not the bike you want. The wind blast will tire you out very quickly and riding in the rain without some sort of screen in front of you is sheer hell on two wheels..

    Naked bikes tend to have a more upright seating position and are generally more comfortable than the more sport oriented bikes.

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    Naked bike over faired. Cost is big advantage of bare bike. For that amount you can get a simple windshield for wind protection and get more gas to ride. Simple throwover bags when needed and go on longer trips. Road some bikes for years with simple windshield -3 different cycles with same windshield. Current Wing came with Windjammer- it's nice but not a big deal. CM400 has a handle bar mounted 1/4 fairing and attached clear windshield, lockable hard tail trunk for rainsuit and helmet, throwover small bags and a tank bag possible to mount if needed. .

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    well I rode the 919 hornet and currently have a 250r ninja, the hornet has a more comfortable seating position and feels better but it seems harder to hold on and you'll feel like a bobblehead doll after riding it for a while. as for the ninja, I have a windscreen I can get behind. they do make windscreens for the hornet as well. oh, and the hornet has more exposed parts, I didn't really like that. both are great bikes though. really I think it just depends on what you like more.

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    With a naked bike, expect your arms to ache after a couple of hours, due to pressure on your chest.

    Naked bikes are great for sub 50MPH, above that look at getting some form of wind shield.

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    A wind trying to blow you off at speed is the only difference.

    Faired bikes can have an unfaired version with the handlebars at the same height and in that case the faired on will be more comfy - you were misinformed so lose that preconception.

    "Drop bars" are lowered handle bars - what you mean are engine protector bars or crash bungs.

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  • mn
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    big advantage of NAKED bike is... no expensive plastic/fiberglass to replace when you drop the bike.

    but you do get more rain hitting you..than on a faired bike.. but if your wearing waterproof gear should not be a problem..

    I have had both naked & faired bikes.. currently on a Ducati 800 sport.. with a half fairing..

    & the only plus for a fully faired bike is drier to ride in light don't need the waterproof gear... but if it starts to rain heavier you have to stop & put it on anyway...

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