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New Invader Zim episodes?

I heard from a friend that theres going to be new invader zim episodes, is this true? I love invader zim and really want them to make more :)

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    Nope, no new episodes. Just, reruns on NickToons.

  • 3 tahun yang lalu

    you ought to objective to cajole the series author to contemplate engaging in it, yet even then you will nonetheless desire a pair hundred thousand money to hand to produce those episodes. on the different hand, the author of yet another unfairly canned US sketch: "Undergrads" somewhat needs to make a 2d season, yet he desires extra followers help for the coach to cajole studios to fincance it. I advise you to objective it out, it is an extremely relaxing series that merits a 2d season (not that Zim would not, i admire IZ very plenty, yet possibilities of recent episodes being made are almost 0).

  • Leah
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    9 tahun yang lalu

    Invader Zim is the most disturbing children show in's amazing :)

    and no to your questions, they just have reruns


  • Anonim
    9 tahun yang lalu

    Well your friend just made an EPIC FAIL! There will be no new episodes.

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