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living in Australia (from a point of view of an immigrant)?

I need help on a research that I'm suppost to do for my English subject is " immigration in Australia" and I would like to know about the the thoughts and opinions of the immigrants about life in Australia..if you happen to be an immigrant in Australia please tell me more about your daily life,unique or random facts about Australia and you personal thoughts about it all..thx

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    Both my parents emigrated to Australia. However, my mum was a babe; so she's only ever known being Australian. My father (on the other hand) was a teenager. Coming from London, he had a very hard time adjusting. London has a brilliant transport system, that meant he could get anywhere. Of course, he knew his way around, and was used to his British diet. In Australia, our diet is very different, being heavily influenced by our immigrants. So dropping into the "local" for a pie 'n chips is very difficult. In fact, most of our Pubs tend to serve quite a wide variety of foods from different countries. Things such as hummus, falafel, dolmades, spring rolls, bruschetta, and dim sims are common fare; while finding a restaurant that serves shepherd's pie can be a challenge. So my dad always commented on the different foods, and the lack of public transport. Obviously, he didn't have a problem with the language, so life was a little easier for him in that regard. But after his initial teething problems, my dad loved it here and was determined to become a dinky di Aussie and fit in to his new homeland; finally becoming an Australian citizen about 10 years ago. But one thing I distinctly remember dad commenting on was how BRIGHT Australia is. I suppose growing up in grey, cold England and moving to this side of the planet was a bit hard on the eyes.

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    particular. it truly is a hundred% spectacular. it truly is a hundred% morally spectacular. How dare human beings come to a miles off places usa and anticipate their perspectives to be respected whilst they decline to admire the technique of existence that became already there. All Western international locations could desire to do it. in case you desire to stay under the technique of existence of the country you got here from, you shuold stay there.

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