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Girls , I want your opinion on this , and please answer honestly :)?

Hi , I am 17 and I am kinda good looking and really friendly , so I don't have any problems meeting new people , dating and so on , but I really have a problem that bugs me since I was 14. I have tachycardia , its a heart condition , nothing really serious but sometimes your heart suddenly starts racing for no reason and after 10-15 mins it slows down to normal as fast as it started. Only my close friends know about this thing because for example I wouldn't go out with a girl and tell her I have a heart condition. About 1 month ago I had a date and when I got out of the buss it started... I was so embarrassed , I made her wait 15 mins after I told her I am nearly there . I waited for the heart to stop racing and then finally met her , then I had to make up a dumb lie just to cover that . I am really scared of the day when I will embarrass myself with this thing . I am 17 I know It is weird for a guy this age to have a heart condition. So question : what would yo think of a guy like me? Is this a turn-off ? I am honestly really really embarrassed about this and I've always kept it a secret and thank god It never happened when I was out with somebody .......yet.. dooh I can't wait for that day to come -_-


Thanks allot girls :) You don't know how much this helped me , If I could I'd give u all a round of drinks :D

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    This is not a turn off at all..... Honestly the only turn of here is that you lied to her instead of just telling her what happened and that your sorry she had to wait for you, plus I'm shure that if your ever going to want the relationship to go anywhere she is gonna find out eventually.... By you telling her or it happening when your with her and she wont know what's wrong with you, or if you need to go to an ER, then she would just be flipping out

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    Is it noticeable to other people? This is a touchy subject, if you have known a person for a while and trust them, I would tell them. If they are really your friends then you shouldn't be worried about impressing them. As for dates, I would hold off on telling her until you know that you like her enough to trust her with something you are sensitive about. It is nothing to be embarrassed about, however some people would think of you differently. I would show this girl that you are just like everyone else, then open up to her. Don't worry, just be honest and nice :)

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    If a guy told me he had a heart condition that only affected him for 15 seconds at a time that put him in no danger I'd be fully supportive and fine with it.

    I bet she would have been totally fine with you being 15 minutes last because of a medical issue instead of some dumb lie

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    I think that any girl you date should be able to accept you for who you are and you should not worry about what she might think of your heart condition because there is nothing you can do about it. Any girl that is freaked out by your condition is not worth your time.

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    Hey, nah its not a turn off. if the girl likes you it wont be a problem, but if she decides not to date you after finding out that you have a heart condition then she is not the one for you.

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    I don't find it a turn off, kind of interesting in a way. Don't be embarrassed- just tell the girl- and she would probably be fine with it. Don't lie about it, it isn't anything to worry about.

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    If the girl really likes you, and if your friends were really your friends, they'd all accept you even though you have a heart condition.

    And you shouldn't ever be embarrassed about something like a heart condition!

    They'll accept you if they're true to you =)!

  • I'd think you were just a really sweet guy, and at first would think you were shy, and if you told me this, I'd feel very understanding about it, and try to help you with whatever it is that would be needed for you not to have a serious heart attack.

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    Honestly, I dont think its anything to be embarrassed about. It is most deffinately not a turn off for me haha. But I get how you could be cautious about telling people. I have Gastritis and I missed like half the school year. It gets awfully difficult to tell people that I miss school because of 'Tummy Troubles' Hhahaha. So I think you should be upfront with them, never make excuses for something thats not your fault. (:

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    I think its cute ^-^, it wouldn't bother me at all!! in fact it would make me want to take care of you. lool it sounds funny I know, but its true

    I'm 17 and I also have tachycardia and asthma etc etc, I'm very frail but people are very understanding and sweet about it, no girl wouldn't look down on you for having a health problem and if she does then she's not worth being with

    Good luck!!

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