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Faired or naked bike for a new rider?

Okay, so I just got my motorbike license yesterday and obviously I'm super keen to get a bike and start riding!!

but I'm having troubles deciding on a bike. I'm not going to go new, because it'll be my first faired bikes, I (along with most other young riders) LOVE the Kawasaki Ninja 250r, and I can afford one of the new styles of them but they're faired, and as a new rider I'm not sure if I should get one....

Is it true that all new riders will drop the bike at some point? I know you can put Oggy (crash) knobs on the Ninja but I don't think they fully protect the fairings...and it costs A LOT to replace them once broken...

Everyone's recommending I get a naked bike, but there isn't many nice ones going around...the VTR250 is nice, but they're quite expensive even used...then there's the little CBF250's but I haven't heard the best things about them...

Help me pick a bike? Any recommendations? I was looking at spending up to $5,000 on a used bike, but I want one as new/with as little kms as that would withstand the thrashing I'll be giving it as an inexperienced rider....

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    I would get a naked bike if you get one with fairings you could damage them way more in a drop. I would not get frame sliders no matter what bike, its another thing to injure you and can damage the bike more sometimes. If you aren't set on a streetbike try and get a small dualsport they don't get very damaged when dropped and hold value well. As a beginner you are close to guaranteed to drop a bike so you don't want a bike that would cost alot to drop.

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    YES.. you have the right idea.. naked bike is the best option..

    but you don't have to buy exceptional condition..& it doesn't have to be your favourite. you will most likely only keep it a year..

    so If you find a bike in reasonable condition.. that has a few minor scrapes.. it will be cheaper & will do for the first year... you will most likely add a few more scratches to it before you sell it...

    In a years time when you are more confident... look for a really low mileage bike in good condition.. this one you could keep for a bit longer maybe??

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    Ride naked and ride protected!

    First time you drop it you will understand much better!

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