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best naked/standard bike for beginner?

don't wanna spend too much and will definitely buy off craigslist. i'm about 64" tall.


probably don't want to spend more than $3000. everything less preferable haha. it's a first bike so it would suck to spend more than that in my opinion.

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@John, that's not what i had in mind. That is like a mini cruiser. THis is what i had in mind:

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There's no point in getting the underpowered 250 cruisers when the ninja 250 is readily available and sometimes under $2k.

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  • john
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    The 250 ninja is a very good entry level bike and it's so easy to resell it when you want to move onto something bigger, "IF" you want to move onto something bigger. I've had my share of time in an older 250 ninja saddle and have had no regrets with learning the fundamentals on it. They're not overpriced for a learner bike that's modern looking and they're not intimidating bikes that put "SCARE" into your experience while learning. Some people even use the 08 model as track bikes. I have had plenty experience on a 250 ninja and have had several 90's model CBR 600's a few kawasakis, a CB-1 and i still am the original owner of my 02 RC51 with 30k miles on it and I wouldn't mind at all having a newer 250 ninja as a commuter or back up bike.

    Oh as an addition to your question about .22 pistols, S&W has released a new M&P22 and claim that it's not a P22 with new skin. That might be worth checking out. I forgot to give you this info before you chose best answer. thanks.

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    if you like the naked look, I think the Suzuki GS500n (not the "f" model) is a great first bike.

    It's not the fastest thing in the world, but the one my dad had handled great. It's a really simple design, so pretty bullet-proof as far as reliability. Air cooled, so it is down on power compared to the Kawasaki EX500, but still a bit more powerful than the EX250, with more torque.

    As i said, my dad had one for about a year, and I rode it more than he did.

    The SV650n (especially first generation models from before 2003) is taller and more powerful, but you could keep it forever. That might be a little big to learn on, but it's not nearly as powerful as a 600cc inline 4, or 1000cc twin.

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  • Anonim
    9 tahun yang lalu

    Again, like everyone else, I recommend the 250 Ninja or something similar. It is a cheap, great, easy to maintain entry level bike.

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  • 9 tahun yang lalu

    The suzuki gz250 is a nice low powered bike that will still get you around town and will not get you into trouble. Easy to learn on

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  • Fl1959
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    Honda rebel

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