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Top ten reasons why jesus (pbuh) is not god given below,could any christian explain?

Don't give a prove that you have nothing to defend your religion by saying,bore reasons ect.give the answers i really looking forward for them.

Reason #10 - God Can not be Born! (he is uncreated and he could not create another uncreated)

Reason #09 - There is unequivocal textual evidence

Reason #08 - No one has seen God!

Reason #07 - This was the not belief of early Christians

Reason #06 - Jesus Ate, Slept, and Prayed

Reason #05 - Jesus claimed that God's Knowledge is greater than his

Reason #04 - Jesus Explicitly states that he is not God

Reason #03 - Son of God?

Reason #02 - God does not change

Reason #01 - God is the object of Worship

If God died for 3 days then who was controlling universe for 3 days?

If you say part of Trinity died that means Jesus(pbuh) wasn't complete God and God cannot be incomplete.

Why God needs sacrifice?Can't he just forgive our sins?

Is there a greater authority than God whom he has to answer?

If you say it is for the justice then what sort of justice is this that you kill someone for someone else fault.

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    Your points are incomplete... There are no sources listed to support your evidence.. not one reference, even if I did agree with your points, through logic, any Christian can easily say that all your "reasons" are based on assumption.

    Sumber: Debates.org, English Composition 1, and basic protocol in court. "Innocent until proven guilty", I rest my case until evidence is found...
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    Reason #2 God 'does not' change, God 'does' change.

    Reason #8 No one has 'seen' God at any time, and lived, for humans are once appointed to taste death and then The Resurrection; The Angels always see the Face of The Father as the express image and the likeness of The Living God which was The Son as One With God for I Always do what Pleases Him and I Judge in accordance With What I hear and The One who Comes from Above Is Above All and speaks of what He has seen and heard. The one who comes from below speaks as one from below. {The Son in humbled humanesque form.}

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    Reason #2. Scripture says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

    Regarding God needing sacrifice, this is a constant throughout scripture. The book of Genesis shows God himself making a sacrifice of an animal to cover Adam. Cain and Abel made sacrifices. Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac as a foreshadowing of Christ being sacrificed for us.

    Since God requires justice, the account for our sinful nature and behavior must be paid somehow. 'God commends his love for us, that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us'. Accounts must be settled in heaven. I am not good enough to save myself. I am human. Jesus came to save those who were lost. The message of Christianity shows us that we cannot redeem ourselves, but that we must rely on God to save us. God's measuring stick is perfection.

    May God be with you. Mike

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    So you're saying that God is not allowed to come to earth in human form. Why would you even put limitations on God in the first place?

    Jesus is called the Son of God because he came from God.

    He also explicitly stated that he was God, multiple times. "I am in the Father and the Father is in me" "I and the Father are one" John 10:30-33 Which is the main reason the Jews wanted him persecuted. He was claiming to be God, which was blasphemy to the Jews.

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    God did not die.

    Who says he is incomplete, we have a connection through prayer, and so did God. Jesus is within us.

    God didn't need sacrifice, but mankind did to buy that it was the true son of God.

    I don't understand what you want.

    We cannot gain forgiveness ourselves, because we do not have that power.

    to your reasoning, read a bible, you will find that you were mislead, and that while God is the center, Jesus was indeed his son.

    Sumber: 15 year old christian
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    I think you need to go take a closer look at the Scriptures and Christian theology instead of just repeating what your religious leaders have taught you.

    The points you raised have all been asked and answered many thousands of times over down through the generations.

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    someone said "once you know him you don't need to ask those kind of questions" or something along those lines... well... that seems to be what a vaster majority of Christians are doing nowadays, just turning a blind eye to the countless contradictions present within their religion, and knowing to not ask questions, because questioning Christianity is wrong. Well in my religion, we are ENCOURAGED to ask questions and learn about our faith, and are in turn provided with a clearer understanding of what our religion really is. The only straightforward, logical religion. Islam, :)

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    #10-That's why He's God-He wasn't created and has been forever

    #9-God's Name is Jehovah-the Creater of Jesus, the Son

    #8-If Jesus was God, many people would have died on the earth

    #7-No Trinty untill the apostasy came

    #6-Yes, He prayed to His God Jehovah

    #5-Yes, the Father was greater


    #4-Yes, He was sent by Jehovah, His Father


    #2-Yes, He is the same one God in Genesis

    #1-Through Jesus, YES!


    Sumber: http://www.watchtower.org/e/20080501/article_01.ht... HAS GOD BEEN SLICED IN 3 PARTS BY FALSE RELIGION?
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    Those are silly reasons. You need to look into the doctrine of the Trinity before making such silly remarks if you want a real answer from Christians.

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    God is a mystical concept of perfection which can never be realized in the world?

    Not, that, you know, I conclude in Islam's truth from that or anything...

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