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What model bike do you use to commute to work?

I'm looking to possibly start riding to work often, but don't want to use my RC51 as a daily type commuting bike. My daily round trip is 45 miles and it's just about all straight roads. I encounter a total of 10 traffic lights on my commute with 3 of them in 1 miles and the others decently spread out.

I'm 5'11" and 240 pounds. I'm not rookie rider.

I will only consider fuel injected bikes.

I've been thinking about the new CB500, a used naked SV650 ( > / = 2003), CBR250 (if they are EFI). I'm not looking for a sporty styled bike, but will consider the CBR250 since the price is low and i'm sure the ergos aren't as aggressive as my RC51.

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    Yamaha Fzs. Arguably the best bike built for city purpose and it shows me everyday.

  • Rodney
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    I commute on my GSXR 750, personally I have never had a problem with it, I ride a lot in traffic (stopping and starting) but I has never been an issue for me, but I can certainly understand you wanting a more comfortable bike to commute, if I was going to get any of those you mentioned it would probably be the SV650, only because they seem to be a good comprimise between sporty and and comfortable, not to mention that being a v-twin like your RC51 would make going between them a bit easier,

    If it was me I would just I would just use the RC51, as I find having one bike to be easier, but out of the ones you mentioned I would say the SV650, thats just my personal opinion though,

    Good luck, I'm sure you will find something that will work great for you.

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    It doesnn't meet your EFI Specification, but my favorite commuter is my 2003 Honda Shadow 750.

    I live in Los Angeles and my commute is 27 miles each way with about 20 miles of freeway. The Shadow is a great lane splitter since the mirror heights are not equal with the mirror heights of most cars.

    Secnd choice, Again out of your spec is a Honda Nighthawk 750. Decent power, and low maintenance.

    Don't forget that you won't save money by motorcycling to work. What you save on gas you'll spend on tires.

    Sumber: Been commuting by motorcycle for 25 yaers.
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    My commuter bikes?? At times I used a 1954 Harley FL, BSA Thunderbolt, BMW R75/5, R50/2, Suzuki 550, Honda Goldwing before retired early- retirement wasn't first choice but home furnishings industry had a little(not so little!) slowdown 2008. Still have old Goldwing, still have old shoulder bag to carry thermos, books, notebooks.

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    have a 2009 Kawasaki Versys I commute on, I'm 5" 11" 220 lbs. it's a nice commuter, but I wish I had the 650 NInja instead because it's seat height isn't so high.

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    2011 Harley-Davidson FLHTK (Electra Glide Ultra Limited)

  • Jason
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    you like sport bikes BUT straight line very few stops I would want a big cruiser, Honda VTX comes to mind!

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    KTM DUKE 200

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