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Can I negotiate my player's contract on Madden 25?

I just got Madden 25 for PS3 but I haven't gotten to play it yet. I'm most interested in the player mode in Connected Franchise. Can I negotiate contracts for my player? Do you even get to see what your contract is?

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    Once your rookie deal expires you get to negociate your next contract. I was a QB and won 3 super bowls as the starter and received a 5yr $73mil deal. Its all about performance as i was shattering records left and right. To recap you negociate your second contract as the first is given to you autonatically. Goodbye

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    Madden 25 My Player

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    Yes, you can negotiate contracts for your player. For example after my 3 year deal I was offered a 6 year 90 mil with 42 guaranteed. It appeared as an event for my team just like practice and the game. I choose to wait another week, and it would sporadically reappear until it eventually became a 6 year 135 million with 42 guaranteed(the cap hit would be about 50 million in the last year of the deal). The only way to see the full breakdown of your deal is by accepting it. I declined and they franchised tagged me, and the following year they franchised tagged me yet again(I think ea messed up the tagging system as I only increased by about 10% not the 20% your suppose to). I think they could franchise me yet again, but I didn't play it for 5 full seasons. There is no benefit towards getting the best deal for your player as possible, as you can, as it weakens the strength of your teams roster.

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    i think it depends on the situation if your on contract and nothing is wrong then play it out and like it but let's say for example you have a fall out with your manager and he benches you on purpose or something like that basically anything that makes playing hard then you should be released of buy yourself out or have your new club buy you out but forcing an unwilling player to stay is not the best thing to do because they will no doubt not play 100% and it will hurt both them and the club so i say it all depends C.Ronaldo is staying at United by the way.

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    Wow, thankyou! I was wondering the same question the other day

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    Thankyou everyone for the answers

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