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game MMORPG that free and no "buy" ?

I like MMORPG like mythic saga, crystal saga, ragnarok, etc but all the game I know was free but not really free. what I mean is to be stronger and strongest you must "buy" with real money, buy special gear/special weapon that only get or easier to get with "real money".

I didn't like it because it was just new kind of cheat code. I had played with and without "the cheat". but it no fun.

I want to play game that everybody only depend on their gaming ability....

( I had play some game online like this but not a MMORPG)

is there anyone know, a good MMORPG that really free and no "buy" ...?


hmmm... I had look some recomended from here... but for the MMORPG, still not really free. still can be "super/godlike/hero etc" much faster than the other with lot of "real money".

the outbrake isn't MMORPG.

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