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Why do some people in some societies see divorcees as bad people? Can we judge people by their marital status?

Does divorce make someone a bad person? What is your view about this notion?

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    Divorce like all other actions in life and fair game to help us judge people. Some people are cheated on. Some do the cheating. Some people just get left and no one asked or cared what they wanted. Others did the leaving. So like all situations, the devil is in the details.

    You see a man who's wife just decided to leave him and divorce him. Does that make him a bad person? I would not think so at all. But then if you learn that he cheated on her, that changes things, right? But then you learn that she has refused to have sex with him for the last two years, that is another twist isn't it?

    Like I said, with so many situations in life, you must have details in order to make a fair assessment.

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    Of course divorce doesn't make someone a 'bad person'. It simply means their marriage ended.

    In US society divorce isn't looked down upon. People are realistic and understand that sometimes things change, relationships run their course, or that regardless of the reason for divorce, a person shouldn't be judged solely because their marriage ended

    Things that have beginnings, usually have endings. It's actually more unusual for a long term marriage not to end (considering all the changes people go through in a lifetime).

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