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My internal-turned external HSGT 7200RPM 1Tb drive suddenly became unallocated, help!?

So the drive suddenly went unallocated while I was listening to the mp3 musics on my VLC playlist, all the files on it kind of turned raw. The adapter I used for turning it into an external storage was Orico 2577U3 but I m pretty sure it s not the adapter s fault since I ve used it on another drive for much longer without problems. About 900GB worth of files are at risk of permanently gone and to make the matter worse, I ve also accidentally created a new volume on it, likely leaving file recovery as the last option I have to partially save the files.

Now let s say I ve rescued the files I want, do you think it s safe to reuse the drive after formatting it? why?

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  • Yammy
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    1 tahun yang lalu

    Assuming you have a PC, Have you try mounted it directly into the board (without HDD enclosure)?

    I'll never again use HDD enclosure with internal power source (draw power from PC/Laptop), especially if the drive capacity is more than 320Gb. Use the one with external power.

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  • Edy
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    1 tahun yang lalu

    We recommend that you check the health of the drive with Hard Disk Sentinel.

    if health is still good, it's probably still being used, but the missing file is difficult to recovery if other files are added.

    For example

    Attachment image
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