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I made a promise in the heat of the moment but I m not sure that I can keep it because I have my own issues to deal with.. help?

During a heart-to-heart talk with a friend, she confided in me that all her friends always left her and she was scared that she would always be alone. In the heat of the moment, I told her I was there for her and that I wasn t going anywhere... but I lied. Not on purpose, but...

I m suicidal, and although I fight back my suicidal thoughts on a daily basis, I m afraid that someday I ll give in and take my own life. Logically speaking, doing so would devastate and possibly traumatise her, but the pain I m in right now is overwhelming and I m afraid that at some point there will be nothing that can motivate me to keep going, even if it means breaking my promise and causing my friend more grief.

I just turned 20, I m a student with no means to pay for therapy or medication. To get that, I d have to convince my parents that something s wrong, but so far they ve adamantly refused because they think my issues can all be solved with "positive thinking".

What do I do?

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    Whether it is your problem, your lady friend problem, or a resemble you and lady friend problem. It isnt about a positive thinking, everything with your or lady friend life will always be both of you guys, decision, literally, whether there is help with charges or free help by joining certain community, therefore, it will be both of your thought could help. Have you ever heard hatred will be a better of state compare with being in a desperation situation. Sometimes, it will not always positive, some level of pain and negative feeling might help both of you conquer every obstacle. The only problem is it should be your own thoughts, no one could heal anyone. It will always, the matter of being self aware.

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